Using a Freephone Number for Talent Shows

Popular talent shows such as Britains got Talent have been on our screen for years. Over this time we have seen stars be created and then chucked out into the rubbish like they never were here. Yes the world of pop and stardom is a million dollar industry that just will not stand for people that are not making the money.

These shows let the public decide who will come out the most victorious by calling at a charge. If you are an avid viewer and voter you can imagine the bill that will come to your home at the end of the month and even the end of the series, you could be paying a fortune for ringing a reality tv shows phone number.

I am sure these shows earn enough money to offer 0800 number voting procedures to viewers, but will this work for such a format? Or will it end up a terrible mess; let us quickly glance over the positive and negatives of both.

1) It will allow contestants to garner more votes as people will not hesitate in calling
2) The episodes would get a lot more coverage as they are showing a more sensitive side to themselves.

Now let's take a quick look at the negative effects of implementing an 0800 number on reality shows.

1) Bulk voting will probably end up jamming up phone lines causing the most popular to get the least votes.
2) Hate and sympathy campaigns against certain acts will be stronger as people will constantly dial to give them more or less votes.

So looking above you can see that the bad triumphs over the good. But for any other industry, such as customer relations there will be a huge amount of positive effects compared to the negatives and it is definitely something each and every business should be considering.

How To Download DTV4PC Free

Download DTV4PC

Would you like to watch digitial TV on your PC for free?  Watch all live digital channels with no monthly fees, no subscriptions and best of all you can download it free.  Watch all your favorite TV shows, feature length movies and more, all for free.  Read this short article which will take you about 2-3 minutes and then go and download DTV4PC free and that will take you another 3-5 minutes and you can get started watching digital television on your computer in less than ten minutes from now.

How To Get DTV4PC Free

Billions are spent each year by advertisers trying to get you to buy their products.  Heck, it costs $3 million dollars just to advertise for 30 seconds on the Super Bowl.  There is a company out there called TrialPay that matches advertisers with consumers.When you try one of the advertiser's products or start a free trial, they will pay for your copy of DTV4PC and they will let you have their product for free.  This is how you can download DTV4PC free

You simply try one product or start a free trial and the advertiser will pay for your copy of DTV4PC.  Normally, DTV4PC sells for $29.99 on its own website, but they have this secret link with TrialPay that allows you to download it for free.  Don't worry, both the DTV4PC website and TrialPay are both getting some money from the advertiser by you trying their product.  And most of the products on TrialPay are free to try so your total out of pocket cost will be zero. 

In less than 10 minutes from now, you complete one offer from the TrialPay website, you then download DTV4PC free and you can start watching over 1000 channels from all over the world with no monthly fees whatsover.  There is no hardware to install either.This is so easy to get all the TV you could ever want or even watch.

Why I Choose Satellite TV for PC as My Primary Entertainment Source

The buzz is out there. There’s a new technological marvel called Satellite TV for PC. If you’re just like me, a TV junkie, you want to learn more about this technology. To find out what is so fascinating about this new way of watching television, you would do well to check out a Satellite TV for PC review (more about this later).

But here's the fact. Many more people are migrating from watching satellite TV channels to Satellite TV for PC. There are good reasons why this is happening. This makes me sure that you should know about this new craze and become the hero of your family for making them happily entertained.

Now, let’s dig dipper about this new technology.

Proprietary Technology

The first piece of information that you will get from reading a Satellite TV for PC review is that Satellite TV for PC runs on internet technology that is proprietary and this means needing to download as well as install the proper kind of Satellite TV for PC software which fortunately is readily available online and can easily be downloaded via the Internet.

After having downloaded and installed this software you can then enjoy watching numerous channels that are truly international and which come to you from different parts of the world. In fact, a Satellite TV for PC review will also mention that these aforementioned advantages are very similar to what you would get from watching Satellite TV channels – though without the costs and with better quality pictures and sound.

Moreover, most Satellite TV for PC reviews will point out the main advantage that Satellite TV for PC has over conventional satellite TV systems, is that the former uses internet connection as opposed to a Satellite TV system that requires that you buy and install a dish and use other equipment as well. Furthermore, the former type also offers far more channels than a traditional Satellite television dish system.

Yet another advantage that Satellite TV for PC enjoys over conventional Satellite dish systems is that, according to Satellite TV for PC reviews, the former is easier to install and set up whereas the latter requires buying and installing satellite dishes, decoders, receivers and more. Even when it concerns pricing, you will learn from reading a Satellite TV for PC review that satellite TV dish services are mostly bundled packages and requires paying monthly subscription; in the case of Satellite TV for PC you will enjoy greater mobility and at a lower cost.

Choosing the best Satellite TV for PC software is another aspect that you should pay close attention to because better quality software will help in greatly improving the quality of television viewing.

A good Satellite TV for PC review will inform you about how you can get more out of choosing to convert your PC into a television rather than remain stuck with cable or satellite TV services.

Read more about one of the Satellite TV for PC software here and bring home the entertainment for your family right now!

What Are Christmas Movies That Are Worth Watching?

Nightmare Before Christmas

It just wouldn’t feel like the Christmas season without TBS running “A Christmas Story” 24/7 leading up to the big day. The Bumpkiss hounds are running through the house eating roast turkey, Ralphy is wishing for his Red Rider BB Gun, the leg lamp is shining in the window and a blanket of white snow has quieted the neighborhood bullies, if only for Christmas Day. This is just one of many nostalgic movies that light up our hearts this holiday season.

Christmas classics seem to reign supreme for the baby boomer generation. The black-and-white nostalgia of “It’s a Wonderful Life” (1946) captures the innocence and the good will of a nation struggling to regain a sense of optimism following World War II. James Stewart and Donna Reed give compelling performances in a heart-wrenching tale of a suicidal man’s realization that he meant so much to so many people. Another old Christmas season classic from the same era is “Miracle on 34th Street” (1947), which was remade in 1994. A department store Santa finds himself in court when he professes to be the real deal, which captures the heart of a six-year-old skeptic. Lastly, White Christmas (1954), starring Bing Crosby, where dance, romance and hard economic times take center stage.

Strangely enough, there are dark Christmas stories ranging from spooky and creepy to downright disgusting. Slightly older kids will still be able to handle “Gremlins,” a cautionary tale about what can happen when you don’t listen to your parents. Tim Burton’s “Nightmare Before Christmas” is a great stop-animation-type film blending Halloween land and Christmas land into one off-beat classic. “Scrooged” is an intriguing Bill Murray take on the classic Charles Dickens tale that’ll appeal to the teenagers who are in that awkward “I hate everything” stage. For the campy horror fans, there’s “Christmas Evil” (1980), “Don’t Open Till Christmas” (1984) and, of course, the “Silent Night, Deadly Night” series (there are five, spanning from 1984 to 1990!) “Silent Night, Bloody Night” (1973) and “Silent Night, Evil Night” (1974) are classic slashers.

There are also a number of goofball movies to entertain the whole family at Christmas. “The Santa Clause” (1994) with Tim Allen as the inadvertent Santa is known for its wide-appealing humor and beautiful scenery. Will Ferrell’s “Elf” (2003) has a child-like innocence to it that will have everyone in the family guffawing as “Buddy” realizes he lives like a North Pole elf but is, in fact, a human from New York City. “Ernest Saves Christmas” (1988) is truly a “holiday comedy like no other,” with the main character confronting job layoffs, Alzheimers, prison, insanity and greed; yet manages to do so in a goofy, chuckle-worthy way. “Jingle All the Way” (1996) starring Arnold Schwarzenegger, is about a dad who goes through extremes to get the “toy of the season” for his son; it’s by no means the best Arnold flick, but the kids will love it.

New American Idol Season Is Exciting

To be completely honest I’m one of those people who has a really hard time getting into Idol. I remember when it first started and I was so surprised by the show thinking that it would be a flop. By season 2 I realized I was completely wrong. The show continues to not only survive but thrive, and shows following the same model come out like Americas Got Talent. I lament the good old days of shows like Saved By The Bell.

American Idol is now into it’s 7th season and it grows larger every year. Just about every age demographic likes American Idol, which makes it an advertisers dream playground to push their products on teens and the people who buy them stuff.Sadly I may be breaking my general prohibition on the show. My girlfriend is an addict and generally once I watch 4 or 5 shows I get hooked on something.

The best part is the early shows when people perform and make themselves look foolish. I don’t even believe that the really bad people are even legitimate, they just want to get 15 minuets in the spotlight. There are a few really talented people on this season including Michael Castro and Von Smith.

I can admit that it’s great that there are many talented people who get found because they are on the show, but the whole reasoning behind it is kind of tainted in my mind. Many many talented artists out there work hard everyday to get the big one and have no hope of ever getting a contract, but these “idols” seem to have it served on a silver spoon.  With a few exceptions, most of the winners turn out to be a one hit wonder. I think this may be my year to come around to the phenomena that is American Idol, and if not I know I will love people making themselves look stupid early in the season.

Who is the BBC’s Stig?

The cover on the BBC's Stig's identity has been blown. It is reported that the Stig is a married man with three kids and apparently drives a boring car. This is just the latest rumor in a strong of apparent revelations about the identity of the mystery character who is only ever seen on screen in a driving helmet. In 2003, the Sunday Mirror claimed that they had uncovered the identity of the Top Gear driver, Stig as former Formula one driver, Perry McCarthy. Perry McCarthy failed to confirm the rumor at the time only saying that he knew who the stig was and nothing. Yet, although he cleared himself of any knowledge of who the stig is, it is reported that he has been replaced by the current mystery driver who everyone is dying to meet.

Even music man, Jamiroquai singer, Jay Kay has been suspect of being the mystery driver. An insider has claimed that the infamous singer Jay kay had confirmed that he played the role of the mystery driver on several occasions. Other wild claims state that The Stig’s home is a shrine to himself and his walls are covered in pictures of himself, with famous his famous suit and helmet on display in a glass cabinet. Additionally, an art gallery owner in Bristol printed a picture of the Stig without his helmet on and had to sign a confidential agreement stating that he would never tell anyone who the mystery driver is. However, it is reported that he has already told his friends and family and as everyone knows, word of mouth spreads faster than wild fire. I dont think that the real identity of the Top Gear Stig will ever be revealed as it really would just ruin the TV show.

After an interview with a BBC representitive, it was said that “no one will ever officially confirm his identity”.

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The Classiest Dame at the Globes: Sarandon does it with Pearls

Watch Susan Sarandon on the Red Carpet at the Golden Globes

After last year’s cancellation, The Golden Globes were back with a bang on Sunday night. Like always, there was as much interest in what the celebrities looked like on the red carpet as who won the awards. But in amongst the dazzling gowns and sparkling diamonds, perennial Hollywood icon Susan Sarandon caught my eye with her stylish and sophisticated long pearl necklace, made by New York boutique designer Fred Leighton.Susan clearly loved showing off her pricey pearls and even asked the designer if she could hold on to them.  I’m not surprised – it was a combination of the iconic sophistication of pearls with a modern, funky twist.

But does the fact that Susan Sarandon, aged 62, was one of the only A-listers adorned with pearls on the night mean we are going back to the stereotype of pearls only being worn by old dears?Hell no! Pearl jewellery has a timeless elegance and charm if you know how to wear it. The key to looking stylish with pearls is don’t settle for ubiquitous lesser stones!A word of caution – you need to be wary of the many low grade and poorly fashioned eBay pearls out there.  If you’re on a budget, go for natural freshwater pearls which can be beautiful.  But for the true celeb treatment you should spend that little extra on saltwater pearls, the choice of Susan Sarandon on Sunday night.

Take a look at our pick for the Top 5 celebrities who have made pearls the style icon that they are today. I’m sure you’ll agree, each of them are classy in their own way and yet very different characters.Proof, if proof was needed, that it should be pearls, not diamonds, that are a girl’s best friend?

5. Jacqueline Kennedy – America’s most beloved First Lady wore her jewellery with classic grace and elegance, and her triple strand pearl necklaces became an icon for women’s sophistication.
4. Liz Taylor – the epitome of all things glamorous and elegant in her day, Elizabeth Taylor gained royal status in the pearl kingdom by owning the world’s largest pearl necklace, La Peregrina, as worn by a whole range of European queens and princesses!
3. Sarah Jessica Parker – the Hollywood fashion icon made pearls the new hot celebrity trend by adorning an exquisite pearl necklace in 2008’s Sex and the City movie, and has been spotted with pearls on many a red carpet in recent years.
2. Diana, Princess of Wales – Who can think of Princess Di and NOT think of her signature pearl necklaces, brooches and pearl-encrusted outfits. 
1. Audrey Hepburn – Who can forget the classy black dress and simple pearl necklace in Breakfast at Tiffany’s? She is arguably THE style icon of the 20th century, and will forever be associated with pearls.

Lineup of Inaguration Won’t Include American Idol

2008 was a wonderful and horrible year for Jennifer Hudson, both at the same time.We already knew that of course. The release of her first album, Spotlight, seemed to be a sign that the American Idol contestant—and, not to forget, Oscar winner—is on a roll.  Then, her mother, brother and nephew were killed by her in-law in a murderous rampage, and everything suddenly looked bleak for the performer.She hasn’t been in the spotlight as much afterwards, rather preferring to grieve privately with family.

But there’s always the comeback, in the tradition of many who went through American Idol 8.  The show has seen many contestants come from what’s deemed as a very hopeless situation and bounce back to stardom.  Hudson, of course, is one of those stories, and there’s no doubt that she’ll do the same this year, right?

At a point we thought that there was no way for it to come earlier.Back in 2008 there were reports in the New York Post that Jennifer was to perform the Star-Spangled Banner during the presidential inauguration of the President-Elect Barack Obama in Washington on January 20th, although she has not performed since the murders.C.The news was picked up quickly by other media and they pointed out that she would be a likley candidate to sing the national anthem as she’s from Chicago where Obama got his political start.  To boot, she is a big Obama supporter, the newspaper’s source said.

Very rapidly after the rumor came out a rep put out the rumor when they officially stated that Hudson won’t perform at the inauguration.  “There is no truth to this,” a representative simply told Access Hollywood, maintaining that Hudson’s return performance will be at an event in Los Angeles in February, paying tribute to musician Neil Diamond.

Even still, we can deduce that Jennifer will hopefully have a comeback this year after coming out of American Idol strong.  Disregarding the debate on whether Obama’s team is sensitive enough to consider the murders, or whether Hudson is black and all—at least a comeback is bound to happen.Then I guess thank God for resiliency. This season of the show starts on January 13th and features the addition of a new judge Kara DioGuardi.

Mini-Me has been selected for the new Big Brother

The 2ft 8in American Actor, who played Doctor Evil’s clone Mini-Me in the Austin Powers movies is ready to enter the latest celebrity Big Brother home in the UK. Apparently, the pint sized star has already revealed his game plan by promising to sabotage fellow Big Brother house mates and picking his nose and putting it into other peoples food.

The other housemates for this year's Big Brother house include world known gangsta rapper, Coolio, Swedish celebrity, Ulrika Jonsson and model Lucy Pinder. Personally, I have never been a fan of celebrity Big Brother or just regular Big Brother for that matter. I just find the whole thing a little over rated. There is nothing more boring than watching Big Brother live as it literally is just watching people sleep and eat which is just a bit strange. Every year it is just the same as the last one. You watch people betray each-other and scramble for the top spot and then watch them sell their story to the highest newspaper bidder. It is almost like watching paint dry. Everyone knows what will happen and the chances are that the producers of the show have tried to pay someone to deliberately kick up a stink in order to aggravate the rest of the house mates. However there is always something there that gets the people watching it again and again and I suppose that is whats so fasinating about it.

There is no doubt that it will be fun to see 'Mini-Me' on our screens as he is quite a character. It has been a while since he has been in the public spot light. He will obviously be most known for his part in the Austin Powers movies which were extremely popular. It would be great to see the Austin Powers movies make a come back! So lets see if Mini-Me has any secret information!

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Say Yes to everything!

Jim Carrey's last comedy hit, 'Yes man' has gone straight to the top of the UK box office in its first weekend of release. The film is originally based on a popular book by an English writer named, Danny Wallace. The book is based on his own life and his radical decision to simply say 'Yes' to everything. The film took a whopping £2.3m over three days.

The top three best films of Christmas in the UK were also comprimised of Bedtime Stories from funny man Adam Sandler which managed to take £1.5m and Baz Luhrmann's epic, Australia took just over £1m. According to various critics from all over Hollywood, Australia was some what of a let down in terms of integrity. The idea was good however I do not believe that Nicole Kidman was up to the task as much as Hugh Jackman was. Personally, I think they are in two completley different leagues in terms of acting ability.

It is surprising how Jim Carey manages to always find some sort of niche for his projects. He surprises me as an actor who can apply himself into so many different roles. He is arguably one of the most versatile actors of this generation. When you compare films such as 'Eternal Sunshine for the spotless mind' and 'Ace Ventura' it really doesn't seem as though it is the same guy doing it and that is what makes him special. I have seen the 'Yes man' film and it is very funny indeed. Jim Carey plays an average man with an obsession of saying ‘no’ to people. After his friend takes him to a local rally about being positive, Jim Carey’s character is then compelled to say ‘Yes’ to every opportunity that comes up. It is a light hearted and funny film and I would recommend anyone to go and see it!

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