Best Rated TV Models

If you want to acquire one of the best rated flat-panel plasma or LCD TV on the market, you might realize it is a hassle. It is a good thing that you want the best TV out there. You’re preparing to buy a product you intend to keep for years and is not the same with buying a $15 book. I am very confident you will buy a plasma or LCD TV that you will be happy with. How is it that I’m so confident about this? It is the fact that you gave it a thought. I can bet that not all consumers actually ask the question “which is the best HDTV on the market”. Many of them just pick one that “looks good”.

Keep in mind what’s important for you

Limiting yourself only to specs for the plasma or LCD you are interested in isn’t a healthy approach. Many of the manufacturer specs are not really helpful. Specifications can not indicate to you how good the HDTV can be for YOU personally. Many of product specificatons are unfortunatelly deceptive, flat-panel manufacturers relying on inflated numbers to grab a customer’s attention and interest. Don’t fall for that! We should base our decisions on expert reviews first of all and use manufacturer specifications solely to filter out the flat-panels you are certain you don’t want. Expert reviews do not settle to just go through the manufacturer specs, they go beyond the quantity aspect and also analize the quality as well. Reading product reviews you will notice that two products that look very similar from the specs, might have in fact very different quality.

If it’s from a good brand, it’s probably worth the money

The brand of the HDTV matters a lot. Some of the HDTV brands make better screens because they are having an technological advantage.

Top rated TV models

Plasma TV models

  • Pioneer Kuro Elite PRO Series
  • Pioneer Kuro PDP Series
  • Panasonic TH PZ850U
  • Panasonic TH PZ800U
  • Samsung PN A650
  • Samsung PN A550

LCD HDTV models

  • Sony KDL XBR-8 Series
  • Samsung A950 LCD Series
  • Sony KDL XBR-6 Series
  • Samsung A750 LCD Series
  • Samsung A650 LCD Series
  • Samsung A550 LCD Series
  • LG LG60 Series

If you want to see specific plasma and LCD TV models, you can see these two pages – Plasma TV (only) and/or Plasma and LCD HDTV


Hoping that this guide was helpful for you, it only remains to wish you luck with your purchase. I hope that the TV you will buy is going to be great.

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