Fixing up the homestead

At times like this, your house needs to be your home. After a long slog in a stressful workplace the last thing you want is to come home to an unwelcoming and untidy house.

If home time doesn’t seem as rewarding as it should be, maybe its time to inject some zen into your lifestyle, move things around, shake things up and chop and change the way things work. First things first, take a look at your bedroom, is it as welcoming as it could be?

Maybe you could change the blinds to increase the light in your room, could your desk do with a de-clutter, or maybe it’s simply a case of hoovering your floor? One thing that always grinds my gears are unnecessary wires and needlessly complicated television setups. Did you know a tilt tv bracket can cost as little as £16, and before you know it your room has had all of its unsightly wires removed from your sacred space.

The same can be done in your living room or kitchen, there are plenty of tv brackets available to do the job of fixing your TV to the wall and removing the annoying wires. Swivel brackets let you use your TV in more than one position so you can get the best out of the space you’ve got. You might be surprised as to how much of a difference it can make.

Is it a sorry state of affairs that televisions are now the focul points of many modern rooms? Possibly, but it remains that they are here to stay, and while that’s the case the least we can do is make them presentable. If you’re really serious about making your home more welcoming you could even turn your newly mounted television into a digital aquarium. Or a fireplace. Why not eh?

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