LCD TV Stands Hold Television In Position For Viewing

There are several models of LCD TVs that will include a LCD stand for their new upright or flat screen TVs. The LCD TV stand that you have currently may not be appropriate for the new LCD TV you are considering. These newer, and very thin LCD televisions mount nicely on the wall, although some opt for eye level viewing and place them on a stand.

Due to the wide screen format of most LCD televisions, they usually will not physically fit into a traditional television spot in an entertainment center. These TV stands are close in size to other units available and will often be adequate for most TVs. Using LCD TV stands the television can be placed on top of a flat stand or even a bedroom dresser depending on its size.

The size of the screen will determine the safest type of LCD TV stands to use with a particular model. Many of the larger screen, above 50-inches, will probably be safer on a long, slender stand instead of two small foot-shaped stands or one that swivels, allowing the screen to be turned for better viewing.

Double Check Security Of The Stand

Most LCD Flat Panel TV stands are built specifically for a particular model TV and will be able to safely keep it in place. Once the TV has been set on the stand carefully test it for stability. It is recommended that this type of TV be placed on a rigid, flat surface rather than a carpeted floor where it could possible tip over.

All LCD televisions should be handled with care as the screen is actually two thin pieces of glass holding the gas and color generators inside. If the LCD gets bumped causing it to tumble of the stand it could become permanently damaged. People who require their TVs to be well secured, LCD TV support stands should be used.

Sometimes people have their television mounted on the wall and then choose to use LCD TV stands to lower the screen. If the stand is found to be defective or becomes damaged in some way, the manufacturer is the best place to find an exchangement for it.

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