Samsung LN40A500 HDTV

If seeking a 40 inch widescreen LCD TV of superior quality one would be hard-pressed to find a better LCD TV than the Samsung LN40A500. The LN40A500 model showcases a sleek and chic black case and also includes Samsung’s trademarked Touch of Color TM technology. The LN40A500 comes with the most state of the art technologies incorporated and seamlessly integrated within the device and The LN40A500 is a fantastic piece of advanced technology which is perfect for anybody’s entertainment center, and it may also be the heart of a person’s entertainment needs.

The LN40A500 has been fitted with several different tuners so that the device is fully capable of translating and interpreting a range of analog and digital signals with ease. The images are translated and shown with incredible clarity and outstanding precision on the LN40A500’s 40-inch widescreen. While the native resolution of the LN40A500 is 1080 pixels, this device also has an image scaler which is capable of interpreting a series of different incoming pixel signals and presenting them with flawless exactitude. all images are optimized for best appearance by changing their brightness or other features using digital technology within the cabinetry of the Samsung LN40A500.

The word customizable and the name Samsung go hand-in-hand; the LN40A500 gives the viewer a chance to alter the color and qualities to his or her preference with an easy setup menu, and the user also has a choice of image sizes for viewing. Don’t want to see the entire picture? No problem – this Samsung screen lets you take control, enlarging small areas to see detail and fill the entire screen. Samsung LN40A500 has an excellent quality surround sound technology under its beautiful black sleek housing that effectively rounds off the fine options and the marvelous features of the gadget Each speaker is made different and they sound the same no matter how differently they are made. But what I can’t understand is why the cost of each one is so different.

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