Time to make a house a home

It’s the season to try to remain jolly! Experts predict that as the recession takes grip more of us will have to stay at home to ride out the storm. This ship, so they tell us, is heading for stormy waters.

You need to be carefull and have a think about where on earth you’re going to spend that money carefully. Can we agree it’s probably fair to say that we will be staying in more over the next year or so, it’s cold outside anyway, and it always rains, who who wants to go out? No one.

It’s a strange state of affairs when you can earn a living without leaving home, order your clothes online and even have your weekly shop delivered to your door. You literally could stay at home until the apocalypse came, so why not plush the place out?

A great thing you can get to make a house a home is a mighty television to be your window to the world. You’ll be amazed at some of the offers going on right now, a quick search on eBay or hotukdeals.com and your jaw will drop at the prices. TV Brackets and TV stands are also getting cheaper, if you’re going to get a decent TV you need to have it on show in a decent capacity. LCD TV Brackets are designed specifically for flatscreen TV’s and you allow you to hang your five finger discount flatscreen anywhere you want, including right above your bed.

Our advice to ride out the financial storm is to look for a job that allows you to work at home, you can save on petrol prices and car tax for one thing! Come to think of it, you COULD lie in bed with your laptop hooked up to your TV above your bed and never have to leave the room. Work, eat, play, sleep. Rinse and repeat. That’s definitely not weird…is it?

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