Yamaha Home Theater Products

Yamaha Corporation started as a business in 1887 producing reed organs for the Japanese market.  Since then the corporation has developed several products for different markets including a full line of electronics.  Yamaha’s commitment to excellence since it first was founded has insured that their line of electronics is as quality produced as the first reed organ they made.  Consumers know that when they purchase a Yamaha product they are buying quality and will be highly satisfied.  Yamaha Home Theater is a part of the quality line of products from Yamaha. 

Yamaha Home Theater Models

Yamaha Home Theater offers three different types of home theater models in a box that can meet the home theater needs of all customers.The YHT models come in several sub models with many different options.  These 5.1 Channel Home Theater Systems in a Box come in a wide variety with differing speaker and accessory choices.  Whether a person wants stylish tower speakers or small square speakers the choices are available.  The systems offer Dolby digital, XM satellite readiness, DVD systems and Yamaha’s SCENE as just a few of the basics and options. 

The DTX Yamaha Home Theater system comes in 5 different models for the most customer satisfactions.  The models all come with DVD changer and a variety of speakers and subwoofers.  The DTX-CS800 Integrated Home Cinema System comes in a flat design to match Plasma Monitors and Flat Screens.

Yamaha Home Theater System also offers the DVX models as one more great choice for the customer.  There are also five different models available in this line to give a nice selection.The DVX-C770 is one of the highlighted models on the Yamaha Home Theater web site and is advertised by Yamaha as having a DVD changer, 900W amplifier, five speakers and a subwoofer featuring DivX and mp3 disc compatibility, iPod ready, XM Satellite Radio ready and 8 surround programs.  With all these options it is easy to see why any customer is very pleased when they purchase this Yamaha Home Theater system. 

These great home theater systems can easily be purchased from Yamaha’s online store.  The site www.yamahashoponline.com allows a customer to purchase directly from Yamaha.  The site has many promotional and special priced items and will ship items that cost two hundred dollars or more for free.  The capable customer service department is readily available to assist with questions, concerns or ordering details.Buying a Yamaha Home Theater system will be a simple and pleasant experience through this site.

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