Finding Vintage 16mm Projectors

Do you have years of old 16mm film that you just cannot let go of and that you want to watch over and over again? It used to be that 16mm projectors were quite common and you could find them easily, because they were popular for creating home movies. As the years passed by the 16mm projector fell out of the loop and most people have turned to digital. Even now it’s a special experience to sit down and watch a movie that brings back long gone memories of amazing times, on a 16mm projector.


It was in the days of the Great Depression when 16mm projectors made their debut in the world, and they were the main attraction for many moviegoers. Eastman Kodak and Bell & Howell built these projectors to give a boost to entertainment and industry while setting up early companies of film. Once sound was introduced the projectors had to run at least 24 feet of film per second, but in those days the technology only have to push the film at about 17 feet per second.


By the 1970’s lamps nicknamed “Mazda lamps” were used which were tubular lamps in 16mm projectors. 750 watts were needed to power these and they could reach up to 6 inches in some situations. Succeeding these lamps were new, tungsten-halogen lamps which were much more efficient and even became the standard after some time. With Tungsten lamps, you could have just a 250 watt lamp, and it would easily be brighter than a tubular lamp that was 750 watts. the reel sizes of these projectors also varied depending on the user, some were 2000 feet for home movie makers while 6000 foot reels were often used by professionals.


It has become easier to find a good second-hand 16mm projector in the past ten years, thanks to internet sites like eBay. Before the internet came along, 16mm projectors were pretty rare and difficult to find, so it was hard to play all those old home movies. Many would frequent second-hand shops, garage sales and flea markets with the dream of finding a projector, or repairment parts, which was just as difficult. It appeared as if this unique way to watch movies was dead and gone, except for die-hard enthusiasts and collectors. When the internet arrived, especially eBay, people had a new way to sell their old goods. 16mm projectors that had been sitting in attics for decades suddenly rose to the surface of commerce as a desireable piece of equipment for the new generations. Even with the internet 16mm projectors are still collector’s items and the demand has risen for people who just found those old home movies in the attic.


There is a solution for people who have sadly lost their projectors but kept the movies and it can be done with one mouse click. Go to eBay, or another website that sells used items, and you’ll be able to find used 16mm projectors at a great deal, allowing you to travel back in time by enjoying your old home movies!

Top 5 Wireless Speaker Systems

Now thanks to Chinese engineers you can buy new type of innovative speakers and here are the best wireless speaker system, top 5. This products provide you a quality sound when it comes to connecting them on TV, PC and watching movies or playing games. One of their main features is that the speakers are wireless, they do not need any cables or wires to be connected to the main link and also you will not have any wireless problems or errors with it, because they work perfectly. If you are looking for a new home theater then this wireless surround speaker system is one of the best to get, and here you will learn why.

Like any other wireless products here are also wireless speaker system products which work without being connected with cables or wires, so forget about having mess in your house with all the cables around. To make them work you need a link station which is usually already in the system pack if you buy, I suggest you buy wireless home theater system not only speakers. You can purchase various types of them like surround sound, six.1 and up to 7.1 to boost the sound quality. The system includes set of wireless front speakers, wireless rear speakers and center sub woofer speaker with a link station. Like in every audio product the sounds vary here does to, so that is why read on to see which are the best wireless speaker systems for you.

If you want to know the price and you maybe think that they are expensive because of the wireless feature, you are wrong. Currently prices also vary but they range from 250$ up to 1990$, but the good news is that the 300-400$ products are one of the best currently, so do not look only the ones that are high priced because cheap one will give you sometimes better quality sound.

Here is the list of best wireless speaker system:

  • Samsung HT-Z310T 5.1 Home Theater Surround Sound SystemWireless
  • Creative Labs GigaWorks 550W 5.1 System
  • Panasonic SC-PT760 5.1 Speakers 1000 Watts
  • Sony DAV-HDX275 Bravia 5.1 1000 Watts Wireless
  • Bose Lifestyle Wireless Surround Link

Check out more wireless surround sound system here.

Best Wireless Surround Sound Speakers

Thanks to Chinese engineers now you can purchase new innovative type of speakers and here are the best wireless surround speakers that work with best quality sound, do not cause any wireless errors and give you one of the best surround theater sound for your home or office. If you are going to buy new speaker system or theater system then read this on as you will see what new type of speakers have brought. They are currently one of the best!

Like wireless Internet here are wireless surround sound speakers which do not need any wires or cables to be connected to the main link. What you need to make them work is a link station, that is why you need to buy the whole wireless surround system which comes with different speakers. You can get a 5.1 surround, 6.1, and much more, you decide how quality you want the sound. In that system you get rear and front speakers with center sub woofer. The sound quality from this speakers vary, that is why you can read on to see which are the best brands to buy for cheap prices and quality sound.

The price for such wireless sound system is really low which is amazing. Currently there are some really amazing products from one of the leader brands in that category of electronics like: Bose, Panasonic, Samsung, Creative Labs, Sony and others… The prices range from 250$ up to 1990$, but the ones that cost you around 300$ are just enough, as they are one of the best selling ones currently like the Samsung product.

Here is the list of best wireless surround speakers:

  • Samsung HT-Z310T 5.1 Home Theater Surround Sound SystemWireless
  • Creative Labs GigaWorks 550W 5.1 System
  • Panasonic SC-PT760 5.1 Speakers 1000 Watts
  • Sony DAV-HDX275 Bravia 5.1 1000 Watts Wireless
  • Bose Lifestyle Wireless Surround Link

You need to know that all this are currently one of the best systems you can get. Sound is quality and thanks to no wires feature it is really amazing. You can use them for what ever you want, playing games, watching movies, listening to your favourite play lists and much more. Enjoy the quality surround sound! See more wireless surround sound systems right here.

Wireless 5.1 Surround Top 5

The Chinese engineers brought us a new innovation on the audio market, one of the best wireless 5.1 surround systems for your home or office and other places you choose. This new audio product provides amazing quality surround sound with the main feature of wireless which means that you will now be able to connect your speakers to the link main station without wires or cables only via wireless. Forget about mess in your house because now speakers are much more innovative. Read on to see which are currently the top 5 ones on the audio electronics market.

Like any other wireless product this wireless speakers work without wires, but you will need a link station which comes together if you buy the whole theater system. There are many different ones but what you want to choose are the wireless 5.1 surround systems which include 5 speakers plus 1 sub woofer. You get 2 front wireless speakers, two rear wireless speakers, one center speakers, sub woofer and a link main station where you can play your favourite CD, DVDs and others. Also it has USB support.

If you are interested in the price for such amazing audio products, well let me tell you that they are really cheap. The price vary like brands vary, you have many brands in that market like: Bose, Panasonic, Samsung, Creative Labs, Sony and others. Prices range from 200$-1990$, but one of the best wireless surround systems are only around 300$ which is really cheap to have your own theater audio system wireless.

Here is list of the best wireless 5.1 surround systems:

  • Samsung HT-Z310T 5.1 Home Theater Surround Sound System Wireless- Total power output is 1000 watts. FM/RDS tuner included.
  • Creative Labs Giga Works 550W 5.1 System – Satellites 36 watts RMS, sub woofer 130 watts RMS, ideal for gaming, watching movies or listening music.
  • Panasonic - SC-PT760 5.1 Speakers 1000 Watts
  • Sony DAV-HDX275 Bravia 5.1 1000 Watts Wireless
  • Bose Lifestyle Wireless Surround Link

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Benifits of Learning to Speak Mandarin Chinese Online

Chinese is spoken by more than one billion people in China, Hong Kong, Taiwan and many other places in East Asia, become one of the most popular languages all over the world. It is the second most commonly spoken language, only after English. It consists of a large number of dialects, which have the same written language but differ when spoken. Not surprisingly, it has become the most frequently learned language after English The most important reason is that parents worry about their kids’ future, and send them to learn Chinese language.

Wasting your money on classes that “promise to teach you Mandarin Chinese” is an all to common mistake. Not only do you not learning Chinese, but you WASTE HUNDREDS OF DOLLARS. In this article I am going to explain to you the advantages of learning Chinese online as opposed to in a local class.

ADVANTAGE 1- PRICE- Taking a course near you can cost you hundreds of dollars that will soon be wasted. With a course online, you can spend a raction of that price for triple times the education value.

ADVANTAGE 2- ACCENTS- With most local classes, you will be stuck with a teacher that can barely even speak English. How can you have confidence in them to teach you to speak Mandarin Chinese? An online course supply most writing lessons, so you can understand every word easily.

ADVANTAGE 2- 24/7 ACCESS- With a local class, learning begins when you walk in the door, and ends when you leave. With an online course, you will have the information forever and be able to study at any time that you would like.

ADVANTAGE 4- BIG CLASSES- In most classes, you will be stuck with at least fifteen students, and one teacher. Each student may have a different question, which makes it impossible to meet your individual needs. If you are learning Chinese over the computer, all of the information is laid out perfectly so you will not have to ask any questions.

Choosing your online course can also make the difference in your education.

Straightaway you could see sports channels live when travelling

Seamless internet speeds and grandness of small details are dimensions of football game and numerous different athletics games. You do not need to negotiate either of them, when ever viewing a football match on-line. And together with our software system, you obtain only the precise best channels with digital quality of streaming on-going sports.

Now directly, for a few truths. The especially designed software acts as as a satellite TV tuner, taking in free-from-air satellite Tv Set feeds in from different portions of the globe. It requires just a hardly a few seconds to be installed and downloaded, and plays with all versions of Windows. Zero upgrades to your pc are needed, only you could ( optionally ) gain a high-speed broadband Internet link for faster streaming.

Equally all the channels you have are free, you may not have to compensate anything to catch them. Your satellite Television Set provider could bill additionally for certain broadcasts and channels, but whenever you have the said channels online, these are free of charge. The tally you shall bear is really marginal as this is the monetary value of the package itself. Later On you can watch college football online till the last of your lifespan absolutely for free.

Just the choice of channels is not specific to sports channels only. And this is great, since you essentially acquire everything you and your house would e’er like to view at one single cost. Movies, Song video recordings, programmes for minors, TV exhibits and a good deal more you would not yet think of come as a bundle, anytime you purchase satellite TV on PC software package. In fact, you could feel that your cable or satellite television subscription is a wastefulness of amount and simply invalidate it.

By Nature, if your chief ground you desire to put in the software package is the ability to watch college football online, you could be anxious about its quality. You must not hesitate any more. Some true football fan will for sure exhilarate at the very opportunity to watch nfl football online while on travel or while on a tiffin shift in the office or even when relaxing with family members. You would not e’er miss any of your favourite match any more! Therefore as long as your PC or notebook is well-connected to the Internet, you can thrill yourself to delight an exciting sports game from anyplace in the globe.

Want you music to sound even better? Get a Hi Fi Amplifier

If there was one thing about a Hi Fi stereo system it would be the amazing sound that it can provide. For those that are lovers of great music, a superb audio setup certainly can make listening to “tunes” to be a great deal of pleasure. However, it is also important to point out that the best way to truly appreciate is to actually hear it. That is achievable when the individual owner of the Hi Fi stereo system through an amplifier. These Hi Fi amplifiers can really make the sound of anything emanating from the Hi Fi system will be truly remarkable.

Some may think that a Hi Fi amplifier is not remarkable enough to completely change the sound of what emanates from the Hi Fi. They may assume that all a Hi Fi amplifier can do is increase the volume of the sound. Again, this is not an entirely accurate assessment. Yes, it is most definitely true a Hi Fi amplifier has the potential to dramatically increase the sound of what is being played. But, there is much more going on with such a process than just the mere increase in volume. The tiny details of the music that make the difference can be heard.

Remember, when musicians compose music in a recording session, a great deal of work is put in with making even the most minor notes contribute to the recording. When the music is played in a “standard” manner, these subtleties cannot be heard. This is unfortunate because it is these subtleties that truly make certain recordings sound quite amazing.

And, as for the ability to simple increase the volume of the music, there is nothing wrong with this! Yes, you could boost the sound as loud as you want if this is how you would prefer to listen to the music. Granted, you may have to be mindful of your neighbors, but adjusting Hi Fi amplifiers to your particular environment should not prove to be much of a challenge.

Get a know brand Hi Fi amplifier. The sound quality is also important to consider when buying a Hi Fi Amplifier to increase volume. With lesser brand products, you may find this to be rather difficult to achieve. That is why it is would be preferable to stick with a name brand electronics company that sincerely delivers on its promises to its customers. This is not to say all smaller electronics companies produce lesser products, but those wishing to take any mystery out of the quality of the Hi Fi Stereos are recommended to look into top name brands.

For music to sound as it was when recorded in the studio, you need to use a Hi Fi Amplifier. Virtually any listening experience can be enhanced through the employment of quality amplifiers and that is why they remain so highly recommended.

Best of Wireless Surround Sound Systems

Are you looking for buying a new theater surround sound system for your home or office? Do you hate too all the cables and wires that need to be connected to each speakers which make your house look like a mess? Here is one of the best new Audio system which is available and cam make you a big favour if you have such problems. Now you can buy a new set of audio theater for inexpensive prices as low as 100$ who have the - wireless speakers! Yes, you will not need to connect anymore your speakers with wires as they are now wireless…

The future is coming and Chinese engineers have brought us the new future technology speakers. With the latest products of 5.1, 6.1, 7.1 speakers they have already made a new thing in Electronic Technology but now they have brought us Wireless Surround Sound System. No more cables because the speakers work wireless, no more wires all over your house, today you will have your own home theater system in use of wireless! You can buy on the market different brands of the home surround theather system in addition with wireless 2.4GHz rear speakers only, prices are inexpensive since this speakers are quality and a new generation of surround speakers for your home.

The big and best brands already are selling them for really inexpensive prices so you can get them from brands like: Bose, Panasonic, Samsung, Creative Labs, Sony and others… Wireless surround sound systems are ideal for listening to music, watching even movies, playing games and more. No wires all over your house today you can have your own speaker theater wireless for amazing prices and here are the top products on the market which you can buy for the lowest prices only: Here are the top Wireless Surround Sound Systems:

  1. Creative Labs GigaWorks 550W 5.1 System– Wireless Rear Speakers – Ideal for gaming, home theatre, PC use and MP3 listening – Powerful 36 Watts RMS, highly-efficient 3″ full-range satellite driver for greater sonic accuracy – Highly efficient 8″ front-firing long-throw driver and a 130Watts RMS subwoofer – Wireless transmitter/remote control
  2. Panasonic SC-PT760 5.1 Speakers 1000 Watts – 5-disc DVD home theater system – Comes with 2 tallboy front speakers, 1 center speaker, 2 surround speakers and a Kelton subwoofer – Wireless Kit For Rear Speakers – Dolby Digital, Dolby Pro Logic and DTS decoders – Integrated Universal Dock for iPod – VIERA Link display
  3. Sony DAV-HDX275 Bravia 5.1 1000 WattsWireless – Wireless Rear Speaker Ready (WAHT-SA1 sold separately) – Multi-room S-AIR Technology (S-Air Ready) – iPod Cradle (TDM-iP10) for DIGITAL MEDIA PORT included – 1080p Upscaling via HDMI – Digital Cinema Auto Calibration
  4. Samsung HT-Z310T 5.1 Home Theater Surround Sound System Wireless – 5.1-channel single disc changer home theater surround sound system – Equipped with 4 satellite speakers (fronts and rears) – wireless – Total power output: 1000 watts – Comes with Dolby Digital, Dolby Pro Logic and DTS system – FM/RDS tuner included
  5. Bose Lifestyle Wireless Surround Link – Included SL2 wireless surround link eliminates the need for running wires to the back of the room – Two 5.the 25" woofers provide powerful bass from the Accoustimass Module - Bose link enables even up to 14 additional rooms of sound which is really amazing, each with its own independent volume and mute control

Tips to Buy Television for Home

Though most of the people know many components that make up the best home theater system lot of people often neglect the significance of the TV to the overall video and movie viewing effects. In case of a home theater a big television may not be the best choice always There are lot of things that you should analyze when chossing the best suited TV for the home theater and TV size is only one of the many factors.

Mass retailers show televisions in a manner that fits their purpose, which is which I selling the TV. 20 years back, a twenty-inch screen size television model was considered large. 20 Inch TV was a lavishness which could be afforded by those who were extremely wealthy. These days huge TV setes like 52 inch Samsung HDTV is not considered as luxury. However you should know that if you do not sit a proper distance from your television the picture quality might not be good if your television is too big.

There are good rules of thumb to consider when purchasing a TV set for your room. The rule is that you shouldn’t buy more than four inches of diagonal screen inches of the TV for every foot away from the TV you will be when watching cable TV.  The rule goes up to 5 inches per foot for satellite television or DVDs, and 6 inches per foot if you are watching HDTV.

Sure size is not the only thing to consider when it comes to the television you ultimately choose for your home. A number of other things will play significatnt roles in the television you might to choose. Another important consideration is the cost. Go to any TV store and you will find all the stylish TVs that promise endless hours of movie watching bliss at a big price tag to match. You have to go through without falling for the marketing tactics in order to select the set that will meet all of your movie watching needs and will be  affordable for you.

Display Technology of Television
Yet another thing we have to consider is the Display Technology of TV. The regular Television sets with CRT are getting out of fashion fast. Nowadays LCD TV and Plasma display Television models are displacing the old televisions. LCD televisions are much thinner than regular television sets.

Internet Reviews
What type of TV are you buying? We recommend you to choose a Plasma or LCD HDTV model. If you decide to go for HDTV then we strongly recommend you to see HDTV REVIEWS.

Fixing up the homestead

At times like this, your house needs to be your home. After a long slog in a stressful workplace the last thing you want is to come home to an unwelcoming and untidy house.

If home time doesn’t seem as rewarding as it should be, maybe its time to inject some zen into your lifestyle, move things around, shake things up and chop and change the way things work. First things first, take a look at your bedroom, is it as welcoming as it could be?

Maybe you could change the blinds to increase the light in your room, could your desk do with a de-clutter, or maybe it’s simply a case of hoovering your floor? One thing that always grinds my gears are unnecessary wires and needlessly complicated television setups. Did you know a tilt tv bracket can cost as little as £16, and before you know it your room has had all of its unsightly wires removed from your sacred space.

The same can be done in your living room or kitchen, there are plenty of tv brackets available to do the job of fixing your TV to the wall and removing the annoying wires. Swivel brackets let you use your TV in more than one position so you can get the best out of the space you’ve got. You might be surprised as to how much of a difference it can make.

Is it a sorry state of affairs that televisions are now the focul points of many modern rooms? Possibly, but it remains that they are here to stay, and while that’s the case the least we can do is make them presentable. If you’re really serious about making your home more welcoming you could even turn your newly mounted television into a digital aquarium. Or a fireplace. Why not eh?