LG HDTV: EFTV (Environmentally Friendly TV)

If you look at the market leaders in the HDTV market, South Korean manufacturer LG is one of the major brands that people consider for its vivid clarity and perfect brightness in their 720p and 1080 p formats. LG HDTV sets attribute their picture perfect quality through its core technologies allowing the users easy adjustment on audio-visual controls so they can have a pleasurable viewing experience. The heart of an LG HDTV is composed of the following, Picture Wizard, Invisible Speaker System, Clear Voice II and AV Mode II.

When browsing the LG website, they report that the function of the Picture Wizard is to give users precise quality in their picture adjustments. Its features allow the users easy self-calibration for picture quality elements such as color, contrast, brightness, etc. Many of LG HDTV sets, LCD and plasma are certified by THX as owning superior image quality. Other LG HDTV sets use LG TruMotion imaging system for reproducing clean transitions resulting in less blurring of high-speed motion.

The polished looks and enhanced audio with wider sound field is due to LG HDTV’s Invisible Speaker System. The Invisible Speaker System works well with Clear Voice II, which allows user to customize their sound preferences in the comforts of their own home. While watching videos or movies, you can hear the dialogue clearly without any distortion.

The AV mode II allow you to select one of the three AV modes for “Cinema,” “Sports,” or “Games” and enjoy optimized LG HDTV video and audio quality.

Consumers are also attracted to LG HDTV not only because of its quality products but its social advocacy. LG has in their core beliefs to be responsible for the environment that is why they produce products that are deemed environmentally friendly. LG HDTV sets with Smart Energy Saving have energy saving options like the ability to pick a content-specific setting, including the exclusive Intelligent Sensor Technology that automatically dims the backlight.

If you are shopping for LG HDTV, it is wise to know that their sets come in from 19 to 55 inches. The LG HDTV plasma sets come in 42, 50 and 60 inch models and recently they introduced their experimental display measuring around 100 inches.

LG HDTV is a leading brand in consumer technology that is why LG HDTV is compatible with other LG devices and appliances. After all, their corporate vision is to be a true global digital leader that is after customer satisfaction throughout the world by means of its innovative products and services.