7.1 Channel Home Theater Receiver: The Yamaha V2700

Yamaha is offering a great 7.1 channel home theater receiver that really provides excellent value and which also ensures that you will enjoy absolutely amazing video and audio experiences. It is certainly a receiver that also has many interesting features including the HDMI upscaling as well as switching and you can also connect your iPod with this 7.1 channel home theater receiver. Furthermore, it also has XM Satellite Radio and built-in Networking to provide better operations – and all of this costs you about fifteen hundred dollars. For this price you get an excellent 7.1 channel home theater receiver that will provide you great service now and also well into the future.

Unparalleled Sound From 7.1 channel home theater receiver

Some of the more compelling reasons why it pays to buy a 7.1 channel home theater receiver such as the Yamaha V2700 include unparalleled sound in stereo as well as surround sound mode; conversion from analog to HDMI Video Signals and there are numerous other options open to you in regard to setting up and adjusting your speakers.

The downside to this 7.1 channel home theater receiver is that it is quite a heavy piece and so when lifting or moving it you will need to be extra careful. In addition, it only has a single sub-woofer and there isn’t any Sirius Satellite Radio connectivity either.

However, all said and done, this 7.1 channel home theater receiver from Yamaha does have plenty of power and if you have a normal sized room then this could well be the right choice for you as you will get to enjoy unquestioningly exciting sounds and with features such as 7.1 channel surround processing and video upscaling and the ability to convert analog to HDMI video you are certainly getting quite a lot.

Another option that you will do well to check out in your quest to find a great 7.1 channel home theater receiver, the Denon AVR-2807 7.1 channel home theater receiver is worth a second look. At the Consumer Electronics Show it certainly excited everyone that was looking for a mid-range AV receiver in the one thousand dollar range.

The heart of your digital home theater system is without a doubt a good digital home theater receiver. This is the component that controls and synchronizes all the other components of a digital home theater system. Here again you can check out brands such as Yamaha and Denon and Panasonic. There are in fact numerous options to choose from besides these major brands and you could check out the likes of Harmon Kardon and JVC as well as Sony.