Best Home Theater Receiver: The Sony STR-DG920

The Sony STR-DG920 is a hot number and one that makes serious claims for being considered the best home theater receiver. There are several good things about this Sony product including providing four HDMI inputs and in addition it offers a basic graphical user interface and it also has its own Dolby TrueHD as well as DTS-HD Master Audio decoding abilities. That’s not all because it also is XM-ready and it can convert analog signals to about 1080p over HDMI output thereby ensuring better quality; and, it also has the ability to calibrate its speakers automatically.

No Multi-Room Functionality In The Arguably Best Home Theater Receiver

The downside to this best home theater receiver is that it does not have multi-room functionality and there is also no S-Video input and worst of all, its audio quality might not always exceed that of the competition. However, as a best home theater receiver in the midrange segment you won’t find too much wrong with this Sony product.

This is the best home theater receiver also because it is designed to perfection and its looks are very minimalist and so you just have to use four main and big sized knobs that control the sound and also input selection. The remote works superbly and its buttons are large and easy to read and very useful in selecting inputs and changing volume.

This Sony AV receiver is also considered the best home theater receiver because of its ability to automatically calibrate its speakers and so this system determines whether the speakers are properly connected and it will also automatically adjust volume and measure the distance between each speaker and it will then determine which ‘size’ is ideal for each speaker and it also takes care of subwoofer to satellite speaker crossover frequencies.

The main advantage that you get from this best home theater receiver is that it provides Dolby TrueHD and also DTS-HD MA features and it also boasts of Satellite radio and its GUI is what really makes the Sony AV receiver stand out from the competition.

When put through its paces the Sony STR-DG920 provided high definition video and for its price it certainly does merit being called the best home theater receiver. The Panasonic home theater receiver (Panasonic SA-XR70S) is certainly a hot competitor to the Sony STR-DG920 but it is certainly not cheap. It has a number of plus points including compact size as well as all digital 6.1 channels and more than one hundred watts per channel. However, it lacks muscle in its amplification and there is also just one HDMI input as opposed to Sony’s four.