Get Good Value For You Money By Buying A Panasonic Home Theater Receiver

When it concerns the Panasonic home theater receiver you will certainly do well to look at the relatively inexpensive SA-XR50 model that provides good value for your money and which also boasts of performance designed to please the most demanding music lover. With an estimated hundred watts of sound per channel and having 6.1 surround sounds it is certainly a popular and powerful option that can safely be installed in a large room where you then get to enjoy pure sound at its best.

Panasonic SA-XR57S Home Theater Receiver

Another option as far as the best Panasonic home theater receivers go, the Panasonic SA-XR57S seven channel digital receivers deserve special mention. This is an affordable gadget that also boasts of power and it has enough features (including HDAVI Control) that help to make it a great entertainment product. With the HDAVI Control you can get to execute a number of different commands at the press of just one button. If for example you wish to watch a DVD in full surround sound then all you need to do is press the “Play” button.

This Panasonic home theater receiver has its macro already configured which will then turn on your television set and then choose the proper input and start up your DVD player and also turn on the SA-XR57S and then switch to DVD as source after which you can get to enjoy unparalleled joy as your DVD begins to play.

This Panasonic home theater receiver also boasts of seven channels that in turn means getting hundred watt sound output out of each channel and it also allows for dual-amp configurations that of course means getting to use the rear channel amplifiers to give additional power to the front speakers.

Other than this feature, this Panasonic home theater receiver also has built-in processing for Dolby and but for its rather plain display this would certainly have been a knock-out Panasonic home theater receiver. But, it is still affordable and with HDAVI Control it certainly brings something special to a home theater receiver which means that it provides good value for the money you spend on buying such a receiver.

You can compare this 7.1 channel home theater receiver with the likes of Yamaha and Onkyo and still be pretty impressed with the Panasonic home theater receiver. For example, the Yamaha RX-V2700 is a worthy competitor but you might still want to go with the Panasonic SA-XR57S -if only for its HDAVI Control.