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Although not initially interested in projection, Edison was forced to manufacture a projector to stave off competition. It was in April 1896 that his vitascope had its debut in New York. The patent war that he subsequently initiated resulted in the creation of a trust to gain a complete monopoly on the industry.

It was a copy of Edison’s kinetoscope that inspired Auguste and Louis Lumière, industrialists in Lyons, France, to invent a hand-cranked camera that could both photograph and project films. Their cinématographe (from the Greek kinema, meaning “motion,” and graphein, meaning “to depict”) was patented February 1895, and on December 28 “cinema’s official world première took place,” at the Grand Café, 14 Boulevard des Capucines, Paris. The following day, 2,000 Parisians flocked to the Grand Café to see this latest wonder of science.

Soon the Lumière brothers were opening cinemas and sending cameramen throughout the world. Within a few years, they made some 1,500 films of world-famous sites or events, such as the coronation of Czar Nicholas II of Russia.

From History to Modern Innovation

By about 1910, 70 percent of the films exported worldwide were of French origin. This was primarily due to the industrialization of cinema by the Pathé brothers, whose goal was that cinema become “tomorrow’s theater, newspaper, and school.” In 1919, Charlie Chaplin, Douglas Fairbanks, David W. Griffith, and Mary Pickford set up United Artists to break the trust’s commercial hegemony. In 1915, Griffith’s Birth of a Nation was Hollywood’s first blockbuster. This highly controversial film about the American Civil War caused riots and even some deaths at its release because of its racist content. It was, however, a huge success, with over 100 million spectators, making it one of the most profitable movies ever.

Today, one of the most innovative and inventive projection gadgets has already been introduced to the market. Through the essential distribution of the important factors of television and movie enhancement procedures, the development of home theater LCD projectors has been given birth.

Home Theater LCD Projector

It could be observed that the production and distribution of home theater LCD projectors in the market has given way to more exclusively convenient viewing for most home theater owners. Home theater LCD projectors allow viewers to see the images of the movie in a continuous sense of relaxed viewing with the convenience of seeing clear images projected through the home theater LCD projectors. With the right choice of home theater LCD projectors, home theater viewing surely would become one of the most interesting aspects of your experiences in home theater viewing.