Smart Features That Your Home Theater Video Projector Should Have

Home theater video projectors and home theater projector screens come in different shapes, sizes and features. If you are planning to equip your home with some serious entertainment gadgets, you should make it a point to get the best home theater video projectors. To find the best home theater video projectors, you need to study the different features of video projectors available in the market. Since there must be hundreds of video projectors out there, you need to narrow your study to just a few trusted brands. Forget about that cheap video projector sold in your local discount store. They may cost less but they may not give you the best pictures. If you want some serious entertainment, go for the leading brands. Home theater video projectors produced by leading brands have the best features.

Go For The Best Dynamic or Auto Iris Home Theater Video Projector

Many experts swear that the best home theater video projector are those that have the dynamic or auto iris feature. The dynamic or auto iris feature regulates the amount of light into the picture. In other words, this feature allows better picture contrast and can give you utmost enjoyment when watching your favorite movie. Most home theater video projectors have this type of feature but some projectors do not really provide that seamless transition between light and dark pictures. To make sure that your home theater projector has good dynamic or auto iris feature, find a movie that has a lot of contrast in it and play it on the projector. A good projector will give you clear and vivid pictures without any detectable shifting in colors and exposure.

Premium Video Processing On Home Theater Video Projector

Most manufacturers of home theater video projectors would claim that their projectors offer premium video processing solutions. Unfortunately, more than half of those manufacturers who say that their projectors offer premium video processing solutions are not really telling the truth about their products. Studies show that only a handful of home theater video projectors in the market actually have premium video processing. Normally, high end video projectors have state of the art video processing solutions so if you have the money to go for those expensive brands, you might as well invest your money in them. On the other hand, if you do not have the money to buy those high end home theater video projectors, the thing to do is to test the projector before you buy it. There are plenty of affordable home theater video projectors out there that really perform well.