Advantages of LCD TV Stands

There are several models of LCD TVs that will include a LCD stand for their new upright or flat screen TVs. LCD TV stands that were manufactured specifically for a particular model and size TV may not strong or stable enough for the newer models. One of the advantages of the thinner profile LCD televisions is being able to mount them on the wall, but many still prefer to place them on stands that put them in a more comfortable position for viewing.

The traditional cabinets that held older model TVs will more than likely not be large enough to handle the newer, wide screen LCD TVs. Most of these units come in a common size that will generally fit most LCD TVs. A chest of drawers may be used as a LCD TV stand if it is sturdy and of the right size.

The size of the screen will determine the safest type of LCD TV stands to use with a particular model. Many of the larger screen, above 50-inches, will probably be safer on a long, slender stand instead of two small foot-shaped stands or one that swivels, allowing the screen to be turned for better viewing.

Be Sure to get a Very Stable Stand

Most LCD Flat Panel TV stands are built specifically for a particular model TV and will be able to safely keep it in place. However, when the television is installed into its stands for the first time, it is a good idea to check and make sure it does not wobble if bumped. It is recommended that this type of TV be placed on a rigid, flat surface rather than a carpeted floor where it could possible tip over.

The LCD televisions should be moved very carefully as to not break the very thin glass that holds the liquid crystal technology. If the LCD gets bumped causing it to tumble of the stand it could become permanently damaged. Using good LCD TV stands gives homeowners peace of mind that their TVs will not topple.

Sometimes people have their television mounted on the wall and then choose to use LCD TV stands to lower the screen. If the stand is broken, go to an authorized dealer to excange it for a new one.

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