An Explanation of The Little Mermaid Subliminal Messages

This is a quick article covering the little mermaid subliminal messages – the assorted hidden pictures and videos you can see in the movie.

This isn’t a big secret, these messages have long been known about, indeed subliminals have been found across a wide range of disney movies over the decades. Often they have a sexual implication, such as hiding the word “sex” somewhere in the background of the animation, making sexual suggestions or perhaps brief sexual gestures, or as in the classic image of the little mermaid movie poster / dvd cover where one of the towers of the castle in the background is in the shape of a penis.

The other famous subliminal message in the little mermaid is at the end in the wedding scene – when the priest introduces them he has a suspicious bulge in his pants 🙂 You can see these two examples in our little mermaid subliminal messages videos.

This subliminal suggestion using the priests crotch was present in the 1989 release of the movie, but since Walt Disney has confirmed that as part of the work that was done done on this to get it ready for the remade DVD release the priest’s private parts were sadly edited out.

there are several reasons as to why Disney would WANT to include such messages. Of course Disney always strictly deny any knowledge of the messages.

But there have been times when they give a slightly better response (although still not giving much away) – something to the effect that “the messages were put there by lower level employees in the design team and do not reflect the wishes or interests of the Disney corporation”.

They also tend to remove most of the messages from future releases as they are found, but still skeptics say that Disney is fully aware of the hidden messages, and offer various different reasons for why they are included:

  • They include sexual messages to help their films appeal to adults – so that the cartoons are not just of interest to children.

  • Linking the movie in any way to sex makes it more memorable, and more popular, even when done in this slight subliminal fashion.

  • The practice has become a regular part of the production process, it is normal and even EXPECTED: There is usually a “game” to find the messages each time a new movie comes out.

  • They bring an extra level of publicity and create more interest in the movie.

However they came to be included, there is no denying the existence of these hidden messages!

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