Are you a plus or High Definition?

If you are searching for information on the various boxes that Sky digital sell, then the best location to view is on the official company site as it has information about all the different options you have to select from.

Choices come in threes

Sky Television comes with the option of three different flavours of box and the selection that you take will all depend on the box that you obtain.

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The Sky Box

The original digital box that Sky provide is the standard digital box. This original digibox will allow you access to all the Sky programmes (except high definition Channels) and all the standard interactive services.

Sky +

The next digibox that Sky offer is the Sky+ digibox. The Sky Plus digibox is a receiver that includes a hard drive so you can record your favourite Sky programs with the touch of a button. The service is fantastic and enables you to not only tape programs and set the digibox to record a whole set of episodes with the touch of a remote. The digibox provides the facility to record two programs at a time as well so you will never have to choose to view and tape what you like. The recording service is free providing you subscribe to a subscription television package, alternatively there will be a ten pound monthly charge. The digibox itself can be obtained free of charge via various recommend a customer deals but otherwise is up to £99 depending on current offers.

Sky High Definition+

The third Sky digibox available is the Sky High Definition Plus digibox. The Sky HD digital box is in essence similar to the sky plus digibox except also includes component and HDMI outputs that can be used with Sky or 3rd party High Definition channels. The HD digibox is by far the most impressive available and costs £10 monthly for the High Definition channels (called the HD mix) but it is also by a mile the finest picture and audio quality available if you have an HD television.

In summary, you will need to consider what suits you, your viewing habits and your budget most.

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