Black Snake Moan Movie Review

A 2007 release, Black Snake Moan is a film the recreates the atmosphere of the Mississippi Blues Movement starting from an older novel and former song. The film reception was not at all fabulous among critics as some reproached it to have a messy plot, while others had overt critical attitudes over the sexualized violence that characterizes the film. Starring Samuel L. Jackson, Chrisitna Ricci and Justin Timberlake, Black Snake Moan reveals lots of African American issues, exposes drug abuse, bitterness and sexual addiction cases. At the origin of the film lies a novel by George Eliot written in 1861, Silas Marner, while the soundtrack is some form of remake of the Blind Lemon Jefferson song popular in the late 20s.  auto insurance online quote

The actors performing in Black Snake Moan devoted such a great attention to this project that significant parts of their lives suffered changes according to the requests of the script: thus, Samuel L. Jackson had to study around six hours a day, for half a year to only learn to play blues guitar. Then, Christina Ricci also set an example of role commitment by having only food poor in nutrients and avoiding getting fully dressed just to get into the character’s skin better. A hot debate issued due to the misogynistic marketing of the film, which was labeled as pretty offensive to women.  auto insurance quote

All in all, when it comes to the reception of Black Snake Moan, the film was not by far the hit everyone expected. Yet, good critical appreciations were also formulated, but less intense than the aggression of the negative criticism. The main problem identified in the promotional campaign for the film advertising  was that it emphasized promiscuity and it tried to attract the attention of college boys audience instead of addressing wider public categories. Hence, Christina Ricci was one of the film actors who took a stand against this form of advertising, claiming it unpardonable and without precedent in her film career.

A better outcome resulted from the release of the Black Snake Moan soundtrack collection at the beginning of 2007. The songs feature several artists, with three tracks being performed by Samuel L. Jackson himself. The album includes a total of seventeen tracks covering both classic and modern blues; the compilation sold pretty well, as Blues fans were actually eager to get a new approach to their favorite music style. Critics also had a very positive attitude much better than the other critical appreciations passed on the film, Black Snake Moan.  car insurance quote

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