Brad Pitt Talks The Hobbit Movie, His Wife and Life as an Oscar Winner

His recent popularity and Oscar nominations has many entertainment, news magazine and tabloids scurrying for aninterview with Brad Pitt.He has recently received more than a dozen nominations for his last two films. In all probability the most coveted is the nomination for best actor from the Academy Awards. That combined with his love life has prompted many journalists to seek an interview with Brad Pitt.

Newsweek got the first chance to find out how Brad felt about his recent nominations. During the interview with Brad Pitt, the interviewer asked if Brad had ever Googled himself. To which Brad responded he had never done so. Brad admitted he was not very computer-savvy, which sent a flurry of comments all across the internet.

In another recent interview with Brad Pitt, Brad informed Rolling Stone magazine that he new nothing of the rumors linking him to The Hobbit movie and he doesn’t see it happening. Brad Pitt also confessed his 7-year-old is way beyond him technologically. Brad talked of his newest movies, ‘Inglourious Basterds’ and ‘The Curious Case of Benjamin Button’ as well as his six children and relationship with Angelina Jolie.

A recent Telegraph interview with Brad Pitt also centered on his most recent movie, ‘The Curious Case of Benjamin Button’. In the interview, Brad admits that the film forced Brad to look at his own mortality and how the movie changed the way he looks at life. Further into the interview with Brad Pitt, he spoke of his love for Angelina and their six children. He related the importance of his family to him and stated that he is really, really in love

Of course controversy will occasionally be the subject of an interview with Brad Pitt as ‘W’ magazine recently found out concerning his past relationship with former wife, Jennifer Aniston. In the interview with Brad Pitt, the reporter questioned Brad on the recent banter, to which Brad responded, people just like to make things up.

With 2 new films due for release this year and several more in the works, Brad’s stardom is not wavering, and, without a doubt, he will continue to be a popular subject with the entertainment magazines and tabloids and they will continue to attempt to get an interview with Brad Pitt.

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