Brief Summary of the new Wolverine Movie


Not your usual movie review. This is my overview of the new Wolverine movie in ten points. you should scroll down if you don’t want to know what happens!

The Storyline of Wolverine:

1. Meet Logan (Jackman) as a boy with a young sabretooth (Victor)
2. See Logan & Victor serving in many historic wars. Meaning: he’s OLD!
3. Our wolfie and his ‘bro’ become part of an elite corps of soldiers who go on missions with other super powered dudes
4. Logan stomps off because he doesn’t like all the seemingly pointless blood and violence man. Victor his hair sidekick is not impressed!
5. Catch up with Logan a few years later. He lives on a big rock in Canada with a lovely lady school teacher. He chops trees for a living
6. Victor apparently kills Logans lady leaving Logan one angry dude but he is out of practice when it comes to wrestling Victor
7. Logan get a body lift from old elite army corps dude and gets his Wolverine dog tags
8. reconditioned Wolverine goes hunting Victor down and while doing so finds out the elite army general dude is experimenting on other super hero types and goes to check it out
9. The chick he thought was dead turns out to be alive and well; she was with wolverine only to keep an eye on him and the bad army dude has taken all mutants powers and made one super mutant soldier who he sent after Wolverine to kill him dead!
10. Wolverine wins the fight but gets a special bullet fired into his head and he forgets everything. His chick dies for real but as he doesnt remember her really he’s not too bothered.

How to Watch Wolverine

At the time of writing this article Wolverine is still not available on DVD but you really should take a night out to watch Wolverine at the cinema. For the girls there is plenty of semi-clad Wolverine demonstrating his lovely buffed hairy torso on a BIG screen. Guys get to see lots of fighting action with the surround sound only a cinema can offer.

Watching it for the first time on the big screen really gives in the WOW factor. Sure there will be bits you will miss but when you Rent or Buy your Wolverine DVD later on you can fill in those blanks.

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