Britain much loved TV chefs

Everyone has a favourite chef, someone who when nothing else is on tv, will turn to them to entertain them in their hour of boredom. Lets look at afew of the UKs much loved TV chefs.

  • Gordon Ramsey. Appearing on Hells kitchen, the Scot has a fiery temper, and the only filthy thing in his kitchen is his mouth. One of only 3 chefs in the UK to have 3 michelin stars for his resturants at the same time. The public first recieved an ear full of profanity from the man in a documentary called boiling point. The show saw Ramsay trying to get another Michelin star, of which he has had 14 and made him a TV star. Further shows have included ‘Hells kitchen’, ‘the F word’ and ‘Ramsay’s kitchen nightmares’. Both kitchen nightmares and hells kitchen have been remade for an america audience -increasing his popularity.
  • Nigella Lawson. The daughter of MP Nigel Lawson, she is the author of the best selling ‘how to eat’, released in 1998 and appeared on TV with ‘Nigella bites’ which first showed in 2000. This show won her the Television Broadcast of the Year at the Guild of Food Writers Awards. Her sultry, sensual approach to cooking has also gone down well in America and gained her fans both male and female. As popular as her books and cooking tv shows are, her daytime chat show ‘Nigella’ lasted only a week and was pulled off the air after poor viewer numbers. More of a writer than a presenter, she has sold over 3 million copies of her books to date.
  • Jamie Oliver. The ‘Naked chef’ was working as a ‘sous chef’ in Fulham by the BBC. His TV show the ‘Naked chef’ which gave him fame was followed by ‘Pukka Tukka’ and ‘Jamie’s Kitchen’. Airing in 2005 ‘Jamie’s school dinner was Oliver’s personal crusade to get increased standards for childrens school dinners, which ended with the government pledging to spent £280 million on school dinners for the next three years. Being the ‘mascot’ of Sainsburys has done well for him to, raking him in over £1.2 million a year. Loved by the british public for his ‘british-ishness’, this might explain why he hasnt gone over as well as he has in the rest of the world than the other chefs mentioned here.

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