Cable Television Alternatives

I’ve been itching to get rid of Comcast digital cable for quite a while. The problem is they suck you in with their bundles that include voice, high speed internet, and cable TV service. When you need to remove one of these, you lose the savings of the package.

But the cable TV service just needs to go, as the service and quality is below par. There is so much talk today about high definition, there isn’t much choice with Charter cable TV. So I began doing a little research on who else was providing service in my area.

I am fortunate to be one of the individuals who have been given a few choices. Unlike a few folks who can only select from either the cable company or satellite television, I have a third option in this region. The old telephone company in this neighborhood has been altering their network. So there is an additional consideration with U-verse from AT&T.

That doesn’t mean of course I won’t have similar issues. It could put someone in the same boat as with the cable company, as the telephone guys want me to package their television service with internet and voice service. If the service is good, customers will be happy. But if its not you are in the same circumstance that we all hate, being stuck with cable TV that isn’t all that great.

Some evaluations I found on the internet are fairly good on telecom television service. Of course it is brand new, there is sometimes a risk with a service like this, and some folks write bad reviews. Those reviews are the quite amusing, because customers make the decision to write a dissertation on their bad experience and post it on the internet. They rail on the company like it is some giant conspiracy to screw the customer, as if the corporation doesn’t want to make money!

Another way to go that I am looking into is of course satellite TV. Since we have four TV viewers in the home, we usually buy a premium TV bundle. The satellite companies seem to be fairly comparable, as the DirecTV Premier and the Dish Network Everything package are both right around $115 per month. Sure that’s pretty high for cable television, but when you compare that to taking your family to dinner and a trip to the movies, it really isn’t all that much.

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