Can I Get Satellite TV in My Condo

For many years, Americans had only one option when it came to their pay television service – cable TV. That changed in the early 1990’s, when satellite TV became affordable and practical when the size of the satellite dish was greatly reduced. But today, those that live in condominiums are oftentimes restricted when it comes to this choice.

So what can the condo dweller do? Recent rulings by the FCC have made it a bit easier for these renters and homeowners to get away from high cable television prices. Let’s consider some of the frequently asked questions in this area.

I live in a condominium, and my HOA restricts satellite TV installation. What options do I have?

This is a difficult situation to deal with. Homeowners associations have become extremely restrictive over the years when it comes to just about everything. The bottom line is that the FCC has ruled you have the right to satellite television, though the dish may have to be placed in an area considered “exclusive use.” This means no placement of the dish in common areas.

I rent a condo. Can I get satellite television?

his oftentimes depends on the owner of the unit. Satellite TV companies generally require landlord permission, so check directly with Dish Network or DIRECTV before ordering service. Twenty four month contracts are also the general requirement for new satellite television customers, so be sure you can fulfill your end of the bargain.

I have heard about new shared satellite systems. How does this work?

Many high rise apartments and condominiums have begun to allow satellite TV companies access to their buildings. These large scale systems give the complete building access to a satellite provider, and give you a choice when comparing satellite TV vs. cable. Check with your building manager to see if they have installed a system like this.

21st century technology is beneficial to renters and homeowners alike. With expanded availability to satellite services, cable TV operators will have to hold the line on prices in order to remain competitive. More importantly, fully evaluate the options available in obtaining satellite television at your condo .

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