Coraline Movie merchandise, memorabilia and more for fans

The Coraline film is here, and fans worldwide are wanting Coraline movie merchandise now that they have been introduced to the animated movie version of Neil Gaiman’s children’s novel! Coraline movie merchandise is available as dolls, miniatures and more, so let’s have a gander into what’s available for the Coraline movie lover!

Coraline Jones herself has been made out there as a range of three poseable action dolls that are certain to excite any fan of this modern animated classic. Coraline has been put out in three costumes from the film, including her pajamas, her raincoat and her everyday threads. The figures are poseable and come with a display base to help Coraline stand up in any pose you position her in! These excellent examples of Coraline movie merchandise are supplied with an array of different facial expressions to pick between, so you are able to choose your favourite outfit and facial expression as you build your Coraline movie merchandise collection.

Still want more Coraline movie merchandise? A choice of three Coraline movie figure packs of three have also been made available. Each of these includes three mini figures depicting characters from the movie adaptation of Neil Gaiman’s original Coraline novel. Created by Reel Toys and NECA, these awesome miniatures are nicely painted and detailed, perfectly recreating the nature of the movie characters they are based on.

Each of the three triple packs of mini Coraline movie merchandise contain a different figure of Coraline Jones herself with the eponymous cat. Other faces from the Coraline movie adaptation include the Other Mother, Mr Bobinsky, the three Ghost Children and Wybie. While these mini figures are not articulated, they are ideal pieces for fans of Coraline movie merchandise.

Plus, there are also some cool Coraline movie posters out for Coraline fans who want to decorate their walls with surreal images from the Coraline movie itself. Two posters that are out there are the teaser image and the Ghost Children poster. The posters superbly capture the feel and ambience of the Coraline movie and its stunning animation. A superb addition to the range of Coraline movie merchandise.

For more paper-based Coraline movie merchandise, there’s also a movie edition of the original Coraline story by Neil Gaiman, featuring artwork from the movie adaptation. Another Coraline movie title is the Coraline Movie Visual Companion, which covers the huge task of assembling the film together. Other items of Coraline movie merchandise include the Coraline video game and the original music CD to the Coraline movie as well! There really is something for every fan of this fantastic animated fantasy film. Love Coraline? Check out the Coraline movie merchandise for yourself!

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