Direct TV Mas Packages

Currently in the United States, it is estimated that there are almost 50 million people who either speak Spanish as their first or second language.  You probably have seen it in your own town, more business owners are looking for ways to offer products and services to Spanish speaking customers.

With so many Spanish speakers here in America, it also means that individuals and families are looking for entertainment in their native tongue.  Fortunately for these people, there are now several choices in the cable and satellite television marketplace.Big pay television companies like Comcast, Time Warner cable, Direct TV and Dish Network all have expanded their channel lineups in order to bring in more Spanish language networks.

In the past, a Spanish speaking customer would be lucky if he or she were able to get five Spanish stations.  But today, services like Direct TV Mas offer upwards of 45 Spanish language networks.These include the popular networks such as Telemundo and Univision.Other popular channels now available with Direct TV Mas are ESPN Desportes, Azteca Mexico, and even Cartoon Network in Spanish for the kids.

The main competitor to the Direct TV Mas package is the Dish Latino package offered by satellite TV company Dish Network.   For quite some time, Dish Network was the leader in Spanish language programming, but in recent years the Direct TV Mas packages has become the top choice in the Spanish community.Much of this is also due to the momentum Direct TV has built up with their sports packages like the NFL Sunday Ticket and the Nascar Hotpass series.  Competition with Dish Network insures that new Direct TV Spanish language channels will be added in the months ahead.

Direct TV Mas packages start as low as $19.99 per month for the first year of programming with the Basico package.  Of course, Direct TV Mas offers packages that have premium movie channels as well, such as Lo Maximo. This package is similar to the Direct TV Premier bundle, an everythings included deal with almost 280 channels.


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