DIRECTV Arabic Programming packages

DIRECTV has reached out to its burgeoning Western audience of Arabic speakers over the last several years, and I would like to discuss just a little about the benefits that they offer. Also, I will touch on the Direct TV Arabic programming channels and what shows they have on; just what you can expect in general from this powerhouse of satellite TV communications and broadcast.

For only about $30 you can get five completely different Arabic language television channels through Direct TV. This has not been possible before, so if you get it you will truly be unique. They even have a name for this package, which is Arabic Direct. Before ordering you will have to ask your company representative if part of your package will be to get Al-Jazeera. They may not want to advertise the fact, because of the wary eyes of native Americans onto this channel. But we all know that that is the top Arab network; bringing great news and with a real eye into the Arab and Muslim community like no other media and communications company.

Here is what channels you will get (although these may be subject to change, check before ordering): Orbit Al-Yawm, Rotana Zaman, Orbit Seen, Rotana Cinema, and Rotana Moossika which is obviously a great Arab music station. You can put it on and dance around your living room and feel all the greatness of the Arab culture. That is truly a great lineup of entertainment to the max! Movies and everything else you will need is all there.

Now, it bears repeating that the stations that are part of this Arabic Direct TV programming are literally being beamed right into your house via satellite all the way from the heart of the Middle East. These aren’t pretend networks. They are the real deal.

Now the last thing that needs to be reviewed is the fact that before you get these five Arabic satellite stations you will have to first order the basic package of Direct TV. This may not really cost you that much. And although you may not watch those basic television stations, it won’t necessarily cost much to get them and then you’ll be able to access ArabicDirect. One last thing is that I would look out for DIRECTV’s Arab programs to expand as time goes on; they obviously want to get in on your market, which is growing ever more every single day with emigration and the general moving of all populations all over in this mobile century.


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