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We have gotten numerous emails from people wondering how they can watch TV on the web.  Watching TV on the net is growing more popular so we decided to assemble a quick article about how to watch  live TV on the web.

Watching TV on the internet isn’t completely new, but just recently it has increased dramatically in popularity due to advances in video quality and available channels.  There was a time when the video and sound quality was extremely poor and there weren’t many channels available online.

Nowadays the technology is to the point where you can locate thousands of channels and view all of them in outstanding quality.  To be honest, I’m not accustomed to watching TV on the net, but when I was checking out internet TV for this article I was very impressed with what I discovered.

So how can you view television on the net?

You need to find an internet TV viewing software to install on your computer.  There are a number available to select from, so there’s a couple of things you need to search for and pay attention to.

First, make sure that you search for a wide selection of channels to watch.  Obviously it’s important to get the popular TV networks (NBC, FOX, Showtime, HBO etc) but you should also get a wide variety of specialty channels as well.

An amazing feature that I saw is the ability to schedule and record whatever show you want.  It works similar to a “Tivo” – you are able to record whatever program you want so that you are able to watch {it later when you want}.  This isn’t a commonly available feature, but it is out there so shop around.  You should also be given the option to connect your computer to your Television set if you want to watch it on your main TV set.

You need to also ensure that there aren’t any monthly charges.  The good internet TV programs will only bill you a one time charge for unlimited access to their channels.  You won’t be billed any monthly charges which obviously makes it a tremendous deal when compared to regular cable TV.  You can find a better deal. Stay away from any software program that wants to charge you a monthly fee as you will be able to get a better deal.

Live internet TV is a fantastic way to catch your favorite shows.  For about forty to fifty dollars you receive full access to your favorite channels to view directly on your computer.  It’s also tremendous if you have a laptop since you can then watch live TV even when you’re travelling.  If you love TV you’re a TV fan, it’s definitely considering!~Keep in mind though, it is very addicting!

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