Dish Network Deals

In today’s economy, consumers are looking for every way possible to stretch their dollar. One area you may want to consider is your cable television bill, as rates continue to rise in this industry. One choice to look at is satellite television, specifically either DIRECTV or Dish TV and the choices they offer today.

Dish Network is the second largest satellite TV company, with nearly 14 million subscribers. Because of the heated competition in the pay television market, Dish Network offers great deals to new customers, in the hopes that they will become a long-time subscriber.

So where can you go to find the best satellite TV specials? The internet of course is a great place to begin investigating satellite television offers. Currently, Dish Network is offering a promotion which can get you started with satellite TV for just $9.99 per month. Now the customer should be aware that this is a promotional price on the Classic 100 bundle, which is regularly priced at $34.99 per month. In addition, local channels are not included in this price, so expect to pay an additional $5 or so for local programming.

What if you are in the market for an all-inclusive satellite TV package? The item that would fit the bill in this case would be the America’s Everything Pak, which is offered at a promotional price of $72.98 for six months, and $97.98 per month after that. Included here is every cable television channel you can think of, like 31 commercial free premium movie channels like Showtime.

Another great thing about satellite television is that most of the equipment is provided at no charge. From the satellite dish to the HD DVR, Dish Network will set you up. Generally, you will only incur upfront costs if you desire to have multiple DVR units. In addition, the satellite television installation process is a snap as well, offering free installation in up to four rooms in your home.

Why not check out the Dish Network special offers available and compare them with what you currently pay for cable TV. Odds are you will be surprised at how much cheaper satellite TV costs.

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