DISH Network Guide for Dummies

Are you in the market for satellite television amusement? The two biggest American Satellite TV providers are DirecTV and Dish Network. DirecTV currently has the largest slice of the market but we will deal with Dish Network in this article because Dish Network is currently providing bigger bang for your buck.


With in excess of 13 million satellite TV customers (April 2009 estimate) Dish Network® (Nasdaq:DISH) is the second biggest supplier of advanced digital TV services in the US. DISH Network’s services include hundreds of audio and video channels, DISH On Demand, Pay-Per-View, Interactive TV, HDTV, sports and International programming. They also have free Satellite TV Installation and 24-hour customer service. DISH Network is a Fortune 500 company so it is likely to be around in future.


Dish Network service is offered all over the US including Hawaii, Puerto Rico and Alaska. Outside the continental United States a larger dish will ordinarily be needed to pick up a clear satellite signal. The size of the satellite dish may vary from 24-inches to a 1.5 meter dish depending on the location.


Dish Network has a large selection of packages matching all kinds of viewing requirements. Some examples are:


Standard-Definition Packages:


DishFamily: Over 50 channels of low-priced, family-friendly programming.

Classic Bronze 100: Over 100 channels

Classic Bronze 100+: Over 100 channels. Including Local Channels plus Regional Sports Network(s)

Classic Silver 200: Over 200 channels

DishDVR Advantage: Most popular package! Over 200 channels including SIRIUS music and local channels.

Classic Gold 250: Over 250 channels

America‘s Everything Pak: Best value


High-Definition Packages:


TurboHD Bronze: Over 50 channels

TurboHD Silver: Over 60 channels

TurboHD Gold: Over 65 channels

Available Ad-ons: HD local channels, PlatinumHD, DishDVR Advantage


Spanish Programming (Dish Latino):


DishMexico: 55 channels

DishLatino Clasico: 65 channels

DishLatino Plus: 75 channels

DishLatino Dos: Over 200 channels

DishLatino Max: Over 230 channels

Available Ad-ons: HD Essentials, HD Ultimate


International Programming: Over 150 channels in 28 languages


Qualified technicians are provided by Dish Network to professionally install your dish antenna within 24 hours. You have the option of getting up to 4 rooms hooked-up at no extra cost. Each room will get its own DVR High Definition Boxallowing different channels to be watched simultaneously in different rooms.


Movies and events can be watched in high definition if you get Dish Network Pay-Per-View. In order to view high definition programs, you must have an HD TV in addition to an high definition capable satellite receiver and a DISH 500 antenna. If you want to watch Pay-Per-View movies than that can be done by following means: Telephone Automated System, Online, Customer Service and Mobile Service.


Ordering on the internet is one of most common ways to order Pay–Per–View movies and events. It functions precisely the same as the Telephone Automated System except you do not have to call in. Dish Network will broadcast the movie or event that you ordered to all the satellite receiver boxes in your home.


For subscribers who are unable to have their satellite receiver consistently connected to a telephone line, but do not move around, the Telephone Automated System is best option. There is an additional cost per transaction with this option, which is added on to your bill.


You can call Customer Support Center and a representative can order a Pay–Per–View for you. Ordering a Pay–Per–View through a representative (sports packages are excluded) attracts an additional charge.


For folks on the go, such as truck drivers and RV owners, Mobile Service is the best option. You can order up to nine movies before your smart card becomes full. Once your smart card fills up you will need to connect your digital receiver box to a phone line in order to erase the purchases. This service is only available on one digital receiver box per account and incurs an annual charge (not available monthly).


The options described above should allow you to select a package with ad-ons in order to satisfy your TV viewing needs.


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