DISH Network TurboHD Packages

Satellite TV provider DISH Network just released fresh programming packages called Turbo HD. These new programming packages are all HD, leaving out all of the SD channels. So is DISH Turbo HD the right for your family?

It all depends on what you want from your cable or satellite television company. Some folks want every single channel that is available. They don’t care if 15 of them are 24 hour shopping channels, or that five of the channels are public access. They just want all of the channels.

Other though, have become tired of trying to wade past all of the junk on the television dial, looking for something worthwhile to watch. For consumers who have recently bought a new plasma TV, TurboHD from DISH Network may be the perfect solution.

The three different bundles with Turbo HD are the Bronze, Silver, and Gold levels. All of these packages are made up of hi def channels only. Packages start at around $24.99 per month for the Bronze package. That programming package does not include your local channels, which costs five bucks more a month.

DISH Network also offers the Platinum package, which is an add-on service to the Gold, Silver, and Bronze packages. This Platinum package is ten bucks a month, and adds on seven more hi def channels such as HDNet Movies and Universal HD.

One sticking point with some current DISH Network subscribers is they have not been allowed to switch over to the Turbo HD packages. Currently only new subscribers to DISH Network have been allowed to get the TurboHD only bundles. Current customers can get Turbo HD, but only as an add-on to the standard package they already have.

Another item to consider is in how DISH Network is numbering the channels included in the bundles. For example, the Turbo HD Bronze setup which includes forty-four channels, but of those 24 are network channels, six are PPV, and 14 are VOD, (video on demand) channels. For some, that number would be adequate many are used to having quite a bit more content to choose from. A final consideration, the Turbo HD packages do not include movie packages like HBO or Showtime, so don’t be surprised when you have to pay an additional fee monthly for those commercial free channels. For more detail on these packages, check out the DISH Network Turbo HD review.

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