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Cinemas have been around for years. No matter what age you are, you can never grow out of visiting your local cinema. With more blockbuster movies hitting our screens, I do feel that new more than ever is the time cinemas should take full advantage.

With current advancements in technology we are seeing people wanting to stay at home much more, with the release of HD and Blu-Ray there is really no reason to keep visiting the cinema. Ok yes it is a good social experience, but for the amount you are paying, you could in fact wait a few more months and buy the Disc and watch it an unlimited amount of times.

Therefore I feel now is the right time for film developers and cinemas to get together and give us great 3D interaction, so it actually feels like we are in the movie. They already give us Dolby surround sound so why not go the whole mile and give us surround vision?

3D movies have been around for a long time, the days where you had to put on your special 3D specs and watch the movie were great, but it did effect the film quality making the image very distorted. There are 2 avenues in which I feel the cinemas should take, 1st and foremost if they are going to hand out glasses let them be digital 3D glasses so that we can get the full quality experience from it.

The second feature and most exciting in my mind, is to make the movie theatre into an actual movie. Why just have a screen at the front? Reflect the projectors all the way around the room? When you look up you will see the sky and when you look down you will see the films ground.

Can you imagine how awesome it would be to watch an action movie like that? It would look as though you are in the movie, so you will feel every action and sound. The cinemas should take note and up their technology before it is too late, the cinema needs to develop itself just like home entertainment has been doing.

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