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Stacy’s Knights: Millian is Basic Jane hit with blackjack betting fever who initiates a team of sharpies to crack a casino after her youthful mentor Costner is slaughtered by the casino’s goons. Boring B-film offers observation into the planet of virtuoso wagering and characteristics a flavorful behavior by Costner in his first leading role. Wilson and screenwriter Michael Blake later re-teamed with Costner to make Dances With Wolves. Cast includes Andra Millian, Kevin Costner, Eve Lilith, Mike Reynolds, Garth Howard, and Ed Semenza. (95 minutes, 1983)

The Great Lover: Vintage Wish; Bob’s a boy-scout leader on transport filled with his troop, luscious Fleming, and killer Youthful. Cast includes Bob Wish, Rhonda Fleming, Roland Youthful, Roland Culver, George Reeves, and Jim Backus. (80 minutes, 1949)

Three Kings: The Gulf War is winding down, and a cease-fire has been agreed to. Four soldiers have heard of a rumor that Saddam has a stash of gold near their position. They get some intelligence from a captured Iraqi soldier, and set out on their own to try to find the gold.

Abe Lincoln in Illinois: This is a top notch story of a key piece of American history. Raymond Massey is simply outstanding as Abe Lincoln. This film is an accurate recount of President Lincoln’s life. The film is based on Robert Sherwood’s highly acclaimed play. Raymond Massey, Gene Lockhart, Ruth Gordon, Mary Howard all star in this film. (1940 Historical Drama)

Chocolat: Vianne, along with her young daughter, moves to a small village in southern France, and opens a chocolate shop. When she keeps her shop open on Sundays, the very religious town is up in arms. Eventually the spirit of the mother/daughter team wins over the town, and opens the minds of the conservative and religious people.

Medicine Man: Dr. Robert Campbell is doing research in the Amazon jungle, financed by a pharmaceutical company. Campbell claims he has found a cure for cancer. The tests prove out, but there is just one problem, they can’t find the plants that the chemicals come from. With the jungle around them being destroyed for development, this cure for cancer might be lost forever.

Man in the Shadow: Welles champs his way through role of rancher responsible far supporter’s mortality. Chandler is the genuine sheriff. Cast includes Jeff Chandler, Orson Welles, Calleen Miller, and James Gleaan. (80 minutes, 1957)

I Sailed to Tahiti with an All Girl Crew: One of the all time camp classics, if only for its title. Sadly, film doesn’t live down to its anticipations. Cast includes Gardner McKay, Fred Clark, Diane McBain, Pat Buttram, and Edy Williams. (95 minutes, 1968)

Stuart Little: Stuart is a little mouse without a home. When he is taken in and adopted by a family with the last name of Little, he becomes Stuart Little. He then starts a new with his new found friends. This includes dealing with his rival Snowball, the family cat.

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