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We will talk a little about finding downloads, with your movie reviews right after that. You can download games, download music, download movies, and even download ipod stuff these days. Do not hesitate in trying additional searches, punch in “Download A Movie”, and see what that brings up.

Commandos Strike at Dawn: Well-intentioned tirade of Norwegian Muni assisting British commandos in assault on Nazis who have invaded Norway. Un-contemporary misinformation angle lessens impact this present day. Cast includes Paul Muoi, Anna Lee, Lillian Gish, Cedric Hardwicke, Robert Coote, Ray Collins, Rosemary DeCamp, and Alexander Knox. (96 minutes, 1942)

A Fan’s Notes: Bewildered, football-infatuated author gets to be disenchanted with the Incredible American Fantasy of prosperity and compliance, and ends up in psychological health center. Unlucky misfire of Frederick Exley’s highly considered novel. Cast includes Jerry Orbach, Burgess Meredith, Patricia Collins, Julia Ann Robinson, and Rosemary Murphy. (100 minutes, 1972)

Sine: The moving, true story, of Australian pianist David Helfgott. A child prodigy on the piano, he grows up in an abusive situation. Finally breaking away from his father he travels over seas to study. Eventually, he suffers a total breakdown. He returns to Australia, winding up in a mental institution. Somehow, many years later he is released from the institution. In final completion, he makes his way all the way back to playing in the concert halls.

Suicide Kings: Captivating premise: a group of ruined opulent babies kidnap a slick underworld personality and keep him prisoner to boost leverage in the kidnapping of Thomas’ sibling. Although throughout one long day, the mobster Walken, in fine form measures up his captors and plays on their weaknesses. Well-imagined-out compartment piece, with some excellent tale twirls and first-rate .behaviors; too poor the finish up isn’t as hefty as the remainder of the film. Cast includes Christopher Walken, Denis Leary, Henry Thomas, Sean Patrick Flanery, Laura San Giacomo, and Brad Garrett. (106 minutes, 1998)

Jackie Chan’s First Strike: Hong Kong’s most visibly agile cop finds himself in a James Bond like captivate engaging the CIA, Russian mafia, an atomic weapon, and obviously, an excellent-looking girl scuba diver. The dubbing here is normally e, yet in a lark like this it seriously doesn’t matter; the last 2 thirds is nearly fence-ta-fence action, containing an incredible donnybrook in which Chan makes memorable use of an elevator. Cast includes Jackie Chan. Chen Chun Wu, Jackson Lou, and Bill Tung. (110 minutes, 1996)

Rush Hour 2: Lee and Carter are off to Hong Kong for some rest and relaxation after their last adventure. Upon arriving in Hong Kong they are told that a bomb has gone off in the American Embassy. Two U.S. customs agents are dead. The Triads are the key suspects, and immediately Lee and Carter are drawn into action.

Bliss: High-powered businessman has a chief heart assault, sees himself dying, and then refreshes-which changes his whole outlook on life. After a dynamic opening this stylized satire slows to a snail’s pace and loses its shove. On the other hand, it was an Australian Academy Prize victor and a global film carnival top choice, so magistrate for your self. Cast includes Barry Otto, Lynette Curran, Helen Jones, Miles Buchanan, Gia Carides, and Tim Robertson. (111 minutes, 1985)

Austin Powers: The Spy Who Shagged Me: It is the year 1999, and Dr. Evil has just returned from space and is plotting new apocalyptic schemes. Making matters worse, he has traveled back in time and stole Austin Power’s ‘mojo’. Austin must go back to the sixties, find his mojo, and return to defeat Dr. Evil.

One Wild Moment: Lightweight, unsatisfying sex charade in reference to two middle-aged buddies Marielle and Lanoux who holiday with their seductive adolescent baby girls Sora, Dejoux. Not almost as brainy as other Berri comedies. Cast includes Jean-Pierre Marielle, Champ Lanoux, Agnes Soral, Christine Dejoux, and Martine Sarcey. (88 minutes, 1977)

Okay, if your looking for downloads, try phrases like “Movie Download Program”. When one search fails to succeed just change things and try again. “Films Download” would be worth a try.

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