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Digging to China: Here�s a genuine although one-note film in reference to the growing kinship between a bothered 10-year-old gal Wood and a psychologically retarded youthful guy Bacon. Its eccentric attributes appear a tad too contrived, albeit the behaviors might not be faulted. Cast includes Timothy Hutton. Evan Rachel Wood, Kevin Bacon, Mary Stuart Masterson, and Cathy Moriarty, Marian Seldes. (98 minutes, 1997)

Aaron Loves Angela: New York style Romeo and Juliet located in Harlem, with black boy (Kevin) in love with Puerto Rican chick (Irene). This film is funny, bloody, dramatic, and has good music from Feliciano. Main cast members are Jr. Kevin Catches, Irene Cara, Ernestine Jackson, and Jose Feliciano. This film is directed by Gordon Parks. (1975 Romance)

The Last Sunset: Odd on the Range, courtesy Aldrich and scripter Dalton Trumbo; philosophical outlaw Douglas and chasing Sheriff Hudson play feline-and-mouse with each other throughout extensive livestock drive. Tosses in everything from incest to Indians! Cast includes Stone Hudson, Kirk Douglas, Dorothy Malone, Joseph Cotten, Carol LynIey, Neville Label, and Regis Toomey. (112 minutes, 1961)

Search and Destroy: Undistinguished action movie in regards to prior South Vietnamese official Soo desiring reprisal contrary to American GI�s Baron and Stroud. Cast includes Perry Emperor, Tisa Farrow, Don Stroud, Park Jong Soo, and George Kennedy. (93 minutes, 1981)

Sidewalks of New York: Nowhere near Keaton’s quiet-film classics, however this talkie car has some ludicrous minutes as ignorant youthful mogul tries to reform hard road clique. Cast includes Zion Myers, Buster Keaton, Anita Page, Cliff Edwards, and Blunt Rowan. (74 minutes, 1931)

Austin Powers: International Mystery: 1960’s secret agent is being brought out of cryogenics now to battle his nemesis, Dr. Evil. Dr. Evil, was also brought into the 90’s through cryogenics, and with a stolen nuclear weapon is threatening the world. The battle is on, as Austin must save the world from Dr. Evil.

Lawnmower Man Two: Idiot-turned-prodigy Jobe is back, still bent on ruling the planet from the internet. This engages cruel billionaire Conway, reclusive pc master Bergin, actor Pouget, and youthful O’Brien, returning from the original film. The structure is both difficult and simpleminded, and aimed mostly at adolescent computer geeks. Cast includes Patrick Bergin, Matt Frewer, Austin 0′ Brien, Camille Cooper, Quartz Celeste Permit, and Kevin Conway. (93 minutes, 1996)

Michael Collins: Politically charged tale of Irish insurgent leader Collins (Neeson), who with charm, guts, and idealistic fervor leads the quarrel contrary to British rule in the adolescents and ’20s. Dynamic and commanding first half gives way to more abstinent and unavoidable summarization, in which Collins is made to become an ambassador and compromiser, sowing the kernels of his own downfall. Neeson is phenomenal and works with a first-rate cast in this convincing, believable, and vicious period piece, beautifully filmed by Chris Menges. Cast includes Liam Neeson, Aidan Quinn, Julia Roberts, Stephen Rea, Alan Rickman, Ian Hart, Brendan Gleeson, and Charles Dance. (132 minutes, 1996)

Peacemaker: Yet a new foreign cop after foreign scoundrel film, pitting Forster contrary to Edwards, with a novel twirl. Both claim to be the right cop, inducing Earth woman Shepard with a number of complications. Lots of stunts and action, however additionally lots of positively terrible antics. Cast includes Robert Forster, Spear Edwards, Hilary Shepard, Robert Davis, and Bert Remsen. (90 minutes, 1990)

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