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We will talk a little about finding downloads, with your movie reviews right after that. Downloads are a fast way to get products these days. You can download products like, music, games, and you can even find movie downloads online. Trying a keyword phrase like “Watch Movies Online” will provide different results.

Black Mama White Mama: Stereotyped, vicious girl rehash of the Defiant Ones, as blonde Markov and black Grier flee shackled together from a Filipino detention center camp. Haig is hammy in dude costume. Cast includes Pam Grier, Margaret Markov, Sid Haig, and Lynn Borden. (87 minutes, 1972)

Bring It On: This is a battle of the cheerleaders. Last years championship team faces tough competition from a new hip-hop style team from the inner city. The high school drama plays out with the new head cheerleader having to deal with the ill will that has developed between the two teams.

Alien Nation: Aliens are coming to Earth. It is an organized integration. With the aliens here, a new form of racism is building. The first alien policeman must work through this racism with his partner. They then gain respect for each other and set out to battle crime in the underworld of the alien world.

Hard Target: Natasha is looking for her lost father. After a man saves her from some street thugs, she hires him to help her in her search for her father. Her father’s body is eventually found, burned to death in a fire. A close examination of the crime reveals that the homeless war veteran was shot, his dog tags pierced by the bullet. It is soon discovered that there is something very sick going on in New Orleans. Rich bored men are paying big money to hunt human prey.

Tequila Sunrise: Mac Mckussic is a drug dealer trying to go straight. His best friend Nick Frescia is now a cop. Things get even more complicated when the two fall in love with the same woman, Ann. How will these two friends resolve their problems?

Waterworld: Global warming has taken hold of the planet. Anyone who has survived lives afloat. Pirates roam the seas, taking what they want from the floating cities. There is one man who carries hope for the future, for he has evolved.

The Man in the Glass Booth: American Film Theatre rendition of Robert Shaw’s play in reference to a glib Jewish industrialist carried to trial for Nazi battle offenses. Schell is excellent, however overall consequence is contrived. Shaw had his name expelled from credits of film. Cast includes Maximilian Schell, Lois Nettleton, Luther Adler, Lawrence Pressman, Henry Brown, and Richard Rasof. (117 minutes, 1975)

The Curse of the Cat People: Follow-up to Feline Individuals builds remarkable environment in tale of desolate little gal who summons up vision of Simon, her dad’s bizarre first spouse. Bodeen Prudent’s prompting debut and is additionally obtainable in pc-colored rendition Hex of the Red Altar. Cast includes Gunther von Fritsch, Robert Prudent, Simone Simon, Kent Smith, Jane Randolph, Ann Carter, and Julia Dean. (70 minutes, 1944)

Righteous Kill: There is a serial killer loose in New York City. This killer is hunting viscous criminals who seem to elude the law. The police are happy to see these victims off the street, but this is still is murder. As the investigation evolves it is looking more and more like policemen are involved.

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