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Sky are providing a complimentary Sky+ set top box to all new users taking up a TV subscription and taking advantage of free broadband and telephone calls. You can place your order for your free sky+ box today. Sky Plus is Sky’s television digibox which has built in recording options. There is also a more costly Sky Plus HD box available, but this is not available on the free box offer. When placing an order for your complimentary Sky Plus digibox, it’s important to know if you would like to take advantage of broadband and home phone deals – more information follows.

Sky Broadband

Sky offer new customers several versions of Sky Broadband:

  • Sky Internet Base

With speeds up to 2Mb per second, this is the lowest Sky Broadband option. It is available at no cost to customers taking up Sky Phone as part of their Sky deal, or £5 otherwise. Remember Sky Phone is free for evening and weekend calls, so it makes sense to take the call plan for the lower Internet cost. There is a upper transfer limit on Sky Internet Base of 2Gb per month.

  • Sky Internet Mid

This option is for users requiring a little more from their Broadband connections, perhaps for watching the occasional film clip or downloading music often. Limited to Eight megabits a second, with a 40Gb transfer limit, this is a common selection and one of the reasons for Sky’s Broadband success. Weighing in at just £5 a month for Sky Talk customers (or £10 if you don’t include Sky Phone in your package), its one of the cheapest Internet options on the market for the connection speed.

  • Sky Internet Max

At the time of publishing, we aren’t aware of any other truly uncapped Internet product at £10 a month (£15 if you don’t have Sky Talk). Providing up to SixteenMbMb connections, it’s probable that the lone restriction will be what your land line can do!

Free phone calls with Sky Talk

There are two phone packages on offer from Sky Phone, FreeTime and Unlimited:

  • Sky Phone Freetime

Freetime is free evening and weekend calls to landlines, and is free to subscribe.

  • Sky Phone Unlimited

At £5 per month, all phone calls to landlines are free, at all times. Place your order for a free sky Plus digibox now.

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