Get Free Downloadable Movies Also Rent Or Buy!

If you wish to buy downloadable movies on the internet, it is fast and very convenient way to watch the movies as well as own them. There are few ways in which you can buy downloadable movies online:

1) Purchase from websites:
Copies of movies sold from some websites online are legal. An example is direct2drive. Some full feature movie download could cost from $9.95 to $19.Pay no more than 10.00 for your movies. The files of the downloadable movies are in windows media format. Everything that you download can be displayed from your PC and or home entertainment theater. but not in a DVD player.

2) Download from P2P networks:
File sharing P2P networks are designed as Peer-Peer to be a sharing facility between users. Examples are limewire and edonkey. Beware of viruses and spyware from the downloaded files. Most small companies distribute their movies through P2P networks but the possibility of finding a movie currently shown in theatres is rare.

3) Become a member in paid download movie sites:
Be aware that you will have to pay membership dues just once at a paid movie download site in order to download movies. There is no restrictions on how many movies you can download. These paid movie download sites are legal. Compared to P2P, these downloaded files are of a much better quality. Movie files are normally cleaned of viruses and spyware.

You can choose one among the above methods to watch downloadable movies. You will be dealing with some very large files so be sure you have high speed connection to the internet in order to handle these. Downloading using dial-up connection is not recommended due to the slow download time.

Most of these downloadable movies can be played on the computer or windows media format or Divx format. You will require special software from another source in order to watch them on your home DVD unit. Due to high technology today, buying and downloading movies have become fast, easy and affords the enjoyment of these inexpensive movies in your comfortable home on your schedule.

New additional services in the movie download business are added regularly. For Mac users, only iTunes will work on Mac platform. For PC users, there are many services including CinemaNow, Guba, Movielink, Amazon Unbox, iTunes etc.

A required pre-requisite for for downloading movies is Internet Explorer Browser, the exception is iTunes and the Amazon Unbox. Before you agree to the terms and conditions of any download service provider, read them fully to know your ability to burn those downloadable movies to DVD or transfer to other computers etc.

As mentioned earlier, for Mac users, the only choice is iTunes. For Windows users, Guba has the best pricing, CinemaNow offers lower priced burn-to-DVD product and Movielink has a huge collection of movies.

You will have to rent these movies per agreement from 1- 30 days, the exception is iTunes. To rent you would simply press the play button.  It is advisable to buy a larger hard disk like a portable hard drive to store many downloadable movies.

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