Hidden Messages and Subliminal Movies

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This post will tackle the issue of subliminal movies – i,e. The phenomenon of subliminal messages in films – why they are inserted, and we will alsogive some common examples of such movies.

The most famous example, or I should say examples are from Disney – they are infamous for putting subliminal messages in their movies. If you want to see them all then view our subliminal messages in disney article, but some famous examples are from:

The Lion King: Where the stars align to form the word “Sex” in the sky when Simba is waiting to see his father in the sky.

Aladdin: There is an audio hidden message saying “teenagers, take off your clothes” in the scene where Aladdin is on the balcony of Jasmin’s window.

The Rescuers: In the background at one point a nude woman can be seen in one of the windows of a house.

Roger Rabbit: Jessica rabbit legs at one point turn into the legs of a real woman’s open (naked) legs.

There are also messages as reported in Toy Story, Pocahontas and many other Disney films.

It is debatable why movies use subliminal messages.. Advertisers clearly use them with really great results. For example, to boost sales or make the ad more memorable. But with a movie there is not this sales driven incentive. Arguably they use them for the same reasons – to make you remember the movie better. This is a hotly denied point by the film studios.

Another famous example is from the movie “Fight Club”. The movie character Tyler Durden putsubliminal pictures into childrens movies. Inserting an pornographic image for a split second. This movie seemed to start a craze for looking for subliminal messages in movies. This is not the only subliminal message in fightclub though. There are flashed images of Tyler Durden all the way through it. If you look closely there are scenes where Tyler Durden is in the background – making a reference to the fact that his character is not important. This is more an artistic use of subliminal messaging, but messages can be found in many movies – here is a brief list:

Pokemon – saying “Go f*** yourself” while the animals are running through the street.

Licence to Wed – On the movie poster the word Sex is embedded into the sheet covers.

Spongebob – Hidden messages in the animation showing the 666 symbol.

High School Musical – Contains various messages when the songs are played in reverse.

We hope you have enjoyed this post, to view all of these subliminal messages view our subliminal movies blog.


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