High School scores big time with Sale to Agency by Producing their own webisodes!

Watch a preview of the soon to be runaway internet hit!!!!

A Performing Arts school in Phoenix, Az has caught the attention of Hollywood.  An unnamed Hollywood Agent has offered them a deal for their ultra low budget television show produced in their theatre with an XL-1 and the parts all played by the students and staff.

The School’s Theatre instructor and creator of the idea of a show about high school kids – for high school kids – by high school kids has created quite a buzz.  Take a look at The Next Big High School Thing   Students were surprised that anyone in Hollywood had even seen it let alone would want to make some kind of deal for it!One student, Amber F. commented, "No way.It was a lot of fun… just the land of movie dreams: Hollywood?I can't believe it!”

The show has been on hiatus but all of the actors were excited to hear the news and looking forward to the new shows and new episodes of Caffeine."We just wanted to get some sponsors. No big deal." Destiny, (Felecia) added during a recent interview.

Although the deal has a number of provisions it's still a huge step forward for a project that was intended as good clean fun, with the potential to reel in local coffee houses for advertising. (It takes place in a Coffee House)  "It's something," the Agent described, "that could be nothing or it could be really huge!”

The show features a large cast.  And while most of the students are new to the acting world, the creator and head writer Raymond Shurtz is a very accomplished playwright (National Endowments for the Arts Recipient whose plays have been performed around the world, including New York.)

If you’d like to see these ordinary high school kids succeed by getting their show picked up on the website of a prominant (Deal is under wraps until the studio gives it the green light) television station then give it your support.

This show is about high school kids standing up and following their dreams.  I'm sure each of them will be thrilled with any kind of support anyone is willing to give.  Even if that support is just spreading the word!


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