How To Choose Which Dr Who Figures To Collect

The Dr Who merchandising machine has been working hard.There are so many figures out there to collect, great for those who have been interested for a while, but for the latest generation of youngsters to get caught up by David Tennants Doctor, where do you start?

If you are just buying your kid their first Dr Who figures then prepare to be amazed.  The quality of the current Dr Who figures is spectacular.  The most versatile are the five inch poseable Dr Who figures.  If you have children of different ages then these are suitable for just about any age, parents included. 

The Five Inch Dr Who Figures
The range of characters available in this size is huge, and for new Dr Who fans they will certainly have all the figures for the recent episodes.  A great extra for this range of Dr Who Figures is the tardis which is available and a couple of figures will fit in this.  The sound effects are great and you can wiz the Doctor and his assistant off to whatever time and place you fancy.  It even has a different sound for flying and landing. This is also a great size if your child is going to want to build up a collection and play with them.  They are small enough to be portable and large enough to not get lost.They are also sturdy enough to survive littler children who can enjoy moving their movements, standing them up, putting them in and out of the tardis.  Hours of entertainment. 

The Micro Universe
The micro universe figures cover a large range of the characters and can be bought in sets.  They are great for play where you are recreating stories, or even making your own Dr Who adventures, however, if you have younger children who do not have a sufficient level of concentration they may find this frustrating and may prove destructive to the play.  But if you can limit the distractions you can make great dioramas as backdrops to your play and you can keep the stories going for weeks.

The Dr Who figures are often just a starting point.  I cannot imagine any household without a sonic screwdriver, a wallet with psychic paper and of course the masters laser screwdriver.

There are obviously the other Dr Who figures such as radio control ones, usually K9 or the daleks.  However, the characters are limited and hence the play is limited.  The best place to start any Dr Who collections has got to be with the Dr Who figures, either the five inch or micro depending on the expected type of play and age range.  So happy buying and playing.

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