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Looking for information on top actors or actresses? Want to know who is dating who or look at great star photos? Then check out, the leading movie database on the internet. There is so much to do here, including reading trivia about your favorite movie stars. Whether you’re a fanatic who wants some detailed information about a show or movie or if you’re looking for resources to advance your own acting career, has it all, including a list of casting companies. Take some time and browse through what they have to offer.

With over 57 million visitors, this company is the best movie and film database on the internet. Not only do they deal with movies and films, but also television. You can find recaps of shows and information on TV actors. Find information about a TV drama, television movie and more. TV listings are also viewable at and will help you plan your night. If you are a fan of a certain show, then you can discuss what happened on the show last night or even the week before with other fans. IMDbTV can help anyone catch up with a new show they’ve missed or fill in missing information about those episodes they weren’t able to watch.

This movie database offers many things for surfers to enjoy, like previews for upcoming movies and information on hot movies that have already made their way to the theater. Some movies have more than one preview to help you get the bigger picture before choosing which movie to see. The toolbar on the top of the home page of offers links to move and TV news, what films have been released on DVD and more. Conducting a “six degrees of separation” project is easy because this internet database of movies is full of information. Also, you can find data regarding film festivals and box office hits, plus contact and publicity information about the stars.

When you’re looking for a movie database, is your spot. For every movie page there is an overview and information on movie casting. You can navigate to a specific page for a certain actor or actress and learn about their acting career, including other films they’ve starred in or are working on currently. So, the next time you find yourself looking for an internet database of movies that will give you all the information you could ever want regarding film and TV, look no further than Whether its information to help you choose the right movie to see tonight, information to help you write a gossip column or you just want to catch up on your favorite TV show that you missed last night, this site has it all and more!

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