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If you are looking to find some good movies, check out some reviews below. Type in phrases like “Movie Downloads Sites”, or “Where To Download Movies” and see what you find. Do not hesitate in trying additional searches, punch in “Downloadmovies”, and see what that brings up.

Mannequin: Unsurprising script, however fine poke by megastars, typical MGM glass even in the tenements! Cast includes Joan Crawford, Spencer Tracy, Alan Curtis, Ralph Margan, Lea Garcey, and Elisabeth Risdan. (95 minutes, 1937)

House of Women: This movie is a corny rendition of circumstances in a female penitentiary raised by excellent cast and quick pacing. This film was later redone as Caged. Cast includes Shirley Horseman, Andrew Duggan, Constance Ford, Barbara Nichols, Margaret Hayes, and Virginia Gregg. (85 minutes, 1962)

A Goofy Movie: Ever-lovable Goofy takes his child, Max, on a street-trip vacation. However, it’s a lifestyle conflict between the ’90s boy and his old-styled dad. Easy and simple Disney animation characteristic for babies with a handful of serviceable melodies and a fine “message” in regards to dad-child relations. No Disney classic, although delightful enough. Cast includes Jason Marsden, Jim Cummings, Kellie Martin, Pillage Paulsen, Wallace Shawn, and Pat Buttra. (78 minutes, 1995)

Copycat: Helen Hudson is being asked out of retirement to investigate a baffling set of murders. Hudson is a forensic psychologist specialized in serial killers. With detective M.J. Monahan, the two start to uncover the mystery. When the killer learns the two are tracking him, they become his next target.

The Island Of Dr. Moreau: On a remote island Dr. Moreau and his assistant Montgomery are working on the genetic improvement of man. They are trying to develop a genetically improved version of man. His experiment has gone bad, and now viscous, beast like people freely roam the island. When Edward Douglas is marooned on the island things start spinning out of control. Can Douglas get off the island? Or will he become part of Dr. Moreau’s next experiment?

The Incredible Hulk: Bruce Banner has been strangely affected from being exposed to gamma rays. He is unstable, and when threatened or angered, he turns into the Hulk, a strong and over powering creature. General Ross, and the military want capture him and harness the power he possesses. Bruce just wants to find a cure, so he can return to his normal life.

Across the Tracks: A compelling drama that pits two brothers, on troubled, the other the perfect son. After one brother return from reform the two brothers find themselves battling it out on the high school track team. Rick Schroder, Brad Pitt, Carrie Snodgress, and David Anthony Marshall star. (1991 Drama-Sports the director for this work was Sandy Tung)

The Transgression of Madelon Claudet: First-rate, fast moving soap in the Madame X vein, in regards to a lady who sacrifices everything so her misbegotten child can have an excellent life. Hayes won an Oscar depicting female who goes from bumpkin to Parisian sophisticate to agonizing mommy to haggard streetwalker-and she’s super. Cast includes Helen Hayes, Lewis Rock, Neil Hamilton, Robert Youthful, Cliff Edwards, Jean Hersholt, Marie Prevost, Karen Morley, Charles Winninger, Alan Hale, and Frankie Darro. (73 minutes, 1931)

Rocky 5: The one film what should have been a hefty modern-day rendition of John Van Druten’s tale, Bisset’s corporation generated. Amid visitors at a Malibu reception are Marsha Seek, Christopher Isherwood, and Roger Vadim; a later reception offers peeks of Ray Bradbury, Nina Foch, and Frances Bergen Candice’s mom. Cast includes Sylvester Stallone, Talia Shire, Burt Youthful, Sage Stallone, Burgess Meredith, Tommy Morrison, and Richard Gant. (104 minutes, 1990)

Try a search phrase something like “Movie Renting”. A change in the phrase will sometimes get a better result. Make another attempt with “Downloads Movies”.

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