Joe Dirt

In 2001 the comedy film of Joe Dirt was made.  David Spade was the star.  David Spade also wrote the movie.

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Joe Dirt wasn’t much of a success with the critics.  Reviews usually gave it a three on a ten point scale.  Roger Ebert and his partner Richard Roeper both gave the movie a resounding thumbs down.  They didn’t like anything about it.  They did like Spade in the movie.

It pulled in nearly $30 million in the USA.  Joe Dirt earned cash.  Its budget was only $16 million.  It also made it to number one in New Zealand.  However Spade said New Zealand was the size of a convenience store.  The movie is often discussed by Dennis Miller.  He’s even interviewed David Spade about it.

Strange character Joe Dirt works as a janitor at a Los Angeles radio station.  A producer discovers Joe and his funny white trash habits.  He decides to create a series of interviews for Joe.  Most of the movie consists of Joe relating his life in this interview.

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Joe Dirt loves a girl named Brandy.  Her dog dies, so Joe decides to look for his parents.  He begins a journey across America.  He does a lot of weird things.  A lot of strange folks meet him along the way.  He also takes on many odd jobs.  That’s how he came to work at the station.

Joe Dirt finally decides to return to Brandy.  She knew all along that his parents were dead.  His whole search has been in vain.  

Joe Dirt has become popular with listeners.  He’s become a media sensation.  A woman claiming to be his mother calls him.  It turns out it’s all a scam.  She wants to sell Joe Dirt figures.  Both she and his father want to get rich off of him.

At the end of the movie Joe Dirt tries to commit suicide by jumping off a bridge.  He’s  saved by a bungee cord.  But he hits his head on the way back up.  He awakens with all the people he’s met surrounding him.  He realizes that these are his family members.  That’s not much of a plot.  Critics hated it for good reason.

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Nobody knows how a movie like Joe Dirt gets made in the first place.

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