Kevin James takes the job of a single dad in this principally physical comedy

Coming off the finale of television’s popular sitcom The King of Queens and 2007’s I Now Pronounce You Chuck and Larry, funnyman Kevin James takes the role of a single dad in this mostly physical comedy, Paul Blart Blu-ray which the actor also co-wrote.

Paul Blart ( James ) is a hard worker, but has never landed his dream job of being New Jersey state soldier because of his excess weight. Driven to support his ma and his girl, Blart takes the marginally less glamorous post as the security guard at his local shopping mall. He never bitchs, approaching the job with impressive diligence and pride, but doesn’t get much respect for it.

It’s only when a group of misfits in Santa’s Assistant disguises take hold of the mall and many hostages that Blart’s would-be cop smarts turn out to be useful and he gets a chance to shine. With a perilous situation available, Blart may finally be ready to show the world (and his romantic interest, who just happens to be one of the hostages ) what he’s made from. Though the villains have many edges over him, Blart has a Segway scooter and a big heart on his side.

While many of its jokes come at the cost of James’s additional pounds, like other blu ray movies eventually makes its star out to be a hero. With his everyman appeal, James is well-suited to play Blart, showing that even average Joes can make a contribution with the right perspective. Paul Blart: Mall Cop takes the prosaic out of the shopping mall, infusing a familiar setting with energy, smirks, and high-stakes drama.

Paul Blart Blu-ray is like the many variations on tuna surprise that show up at potlucks: generic but with a small something added to differentiate it. The end result will not win any Oscars, but the sides of this slapstick action film retain James’s blitzkrieg humorous character, making for a light comic journey I am positive kids will flip for. Co-produced by Adam Sandler, Mall Cop has an innate sweetness that’s reminiscent of Sandler’s 1998 romantic comedy The Marriage Vocalist , though the laughs don’t quite reach those levels.

Kevin James is hard not to like in Paul Blart Blu-ray. He’s a giant, spotty, friendly doofus better suited for a half-an-hour TV show like The King of Queens than making an attempt to carry a 90-minute picture. James takes a Segway, a cheesy mustache and the comic concept of Die Hard in a mall and bumbles his way to a lightweight but frequently funny film for the whole family.

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