LCD TV vs. Plasma TV Comparison

To compare LCD TV technology to the Plasma can be quite a difficult task. When you are in the market for a big ticket item like a television you really want to do your homework before making an investment. This is why so many of us are interested in finding the pros and cons of buying a LCD TV vs Plasma. They both offer cutting edge features that many of us dream of but which one is superior. Following is some information to help sort through the LCD TV vs Plasma dilemma.

If you want to mount your television to the wall, you can opt for either a LCD or a Plasma television. However, if you want to see the screen from different angles without having to rotate the unit you may find that LCD wins by a small margin. Plasma TVs just don’t have quite as much range.

Ironically, the LCD TV vs Plasma competition used to favor Plasmas because LCD’s were originally made for computer screen. There was really no need for viewing the screen from and angle so the Plasma units originally had the upper hand. However, their competitors caught up and surpassed them in little time at all.

What make buying this kind of product really scary are the newer innovations that might come on the market. I hate investing a grand or two on a device that will be quickly outdated. I remember purchasing a Beta movie tape recorder for my television when it first came out. This was a wasted purchase because the VHS units wound up taking the market by storm.

This is why the LCD TV vs Plasma debate is so important to me. I would hate to buy something that needed to be replaced in little time. This is especially true considering the sizeable cost of these units. Until I straighten out the LCD TV vs Plasma question, I’m not going to buy a single thing.

However, I do have to admit that I have a favorite in the competition. I like that the LCD is lighter than the other unit. This is especially true because I would prefer to have the item delivered. I also want to have the television mounted on the wall. A heavier object would make me a little nervous. So far the LCD TV vs Plasma debate is leaning towards the latter.

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