Lesser-known Specialized Rental Services are Starting to Increase in Popularity

Online movie rental is my current vice. There are just too many rewards to pass up: I pay for flicks once a month, and I pay a flat rate; I choose my monthly based on how many movies I want to rent at any given time; DVD’s are sent directly to my door; I can avoid the expense and hassle of video store rentals (because who among us ONLY gets a movie?); and there are never any late charges. You might never need to leave home again to watch a movie.

While it’s not a major factor of online DVD rental, something else to consider is the video streaming you have access to. Some services offer a premium add-on where you can stream movies directly to your TV, and others offer a free online streaming option. With the growing popularity of Hulu plus movies on demand, you really have full control over what you watch and when.

With most online DVD rental services, you go to their site and make a list (or queue) of the films you’d like to view. You then rank your films on your list in the order you’d like to receive them. Based on availability and your ranking, the films on your list will be sent to you through first class mail.

This is a terrific time and money saver for me. I don’t have to drive to and from the video rental store, worry about missed return dates, and I always have a movie on hand when I want one. And I never come home with a bucket of popcorn and a Hershey’s Overload!

Regardless of your watching habits. there’s a service out there for you. Obviously, the big mainstream services are Blockbuster and Netflix, but there are also smaller services out there. Services like URentDVD and SugarDVD exist for online adult DVD rental, and GreenCine is a favorite for independent and foreign film enthusiasts.

One reason that some people don’t try online rental is because they don’t want to commit themselves to anything long-term. But for some of the services, like Netflix for example, you can pause your membership at any time, and almost every service allows you to downgrade and upgrade whenever you like.

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