Lineup of Inaguration Won’t Include American Idol

2008 was a wonderful and horrible year for Jennifer Hudson, both at the same time.We already knew that of course. The release of her first album, Spotlight, seemed to be a sign that the American Idol contestant—and, not to forget, Oscar winner—is on a roll.  Then, her mother, brother and nephew were killed by her in-law in a murderous rampage, and everything suddenly looked bleak for the performer.She hasn’t been in the spotlight as much afterwards, rather preferring to grieve privately with family.

But there’s always the comeback, in the tradition of many who went through American Idol 8.  The show has seen many contestants come from what’s deemed as a very hopeless situation and bounce back to stardom.  Hudson, of course, is one of those stories, and there’s no doubt that she’ll do the same this year, right?

At a point we thought that there was no way for it to come earlier.Back in 2008 there were reports in the New York Post that Jennifer was to perform the Star-Spangled Banner during the presidential inauguration of the President-Elect Barack Obama in Washington on January 20th, although she has not performed since the murders.C.The news was picked up quickly by other media and they pointed out that she would be a likley candidate to sing the national anthem as she’s from Chicago where Obama got his political start.  To boot, she is a big Obama supporter, the newspaper’s source said.

Very rapidly after the rumor came out a rep put out the rumor when they officially stated that Hudson won’t perform at the inauguration.  “There is no truth to this,” a representative simply told Access Hollywood, maintaining that Hudson’s return performance will be at an event in Los Angeles in February, paying tribute to musician Neil Diamond.

Even still, we can deduce that Jennifer will hopefully have a comeback this year after coming out of American Idol strong.  Disregarding the debate on whether Obama’s team is sensitive enough to consider the murders, or whether Hudson is black and all—at least a comeback is bound to happen.Then I guess thank God for resiliency. This season of the show starts on January 13th and features the addition of a new judge Kara DioGuardi.

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