Love and The Notebook

Evolved to screen from the Nicholas Sparks novel of the same name, The Notebook is an example of the best romantic dramas to hit the big screen in years. Getting high marks from a wide-range of critics, The Notebook is a funny and emotional film which deals with love, relationships, and the hazards folk take. James Garner turns in an outstanding performance as the elder man, Duke, who reads the pages of his notebook to dying care home resident Allie [ Gena Rowlands ]. 

Overall, this could be a classic “chick flick” with a dramatic twist. Set worldwide War II age, the planet War II time, The Notebook Duke [ James Garner ] continually reads from the pages of a notebook to an older lady in a care home. 

Suffering from Alzheimer’s illness, her memories of the parts which he’s read during the past appears and vanishes without order, but Duke continues to read to her due to their deep and enduring comradeship. The notebook’s story centers round the lives of a teenage boy and girl who meet at a carnival in the late-1930s. At first , Allie Hamilton doesn’t know what to think of Noah Calhoun, but she soon gives into his demand that they’re going out on a date. When Noah and Allie fall terribly in love, Allie’s folks attempt to break up the couple. The Hamiltons are rich, and Noah and his father are from the poor side of town. 

Nevertheless, Allie and Noah are determined to be together. When World War II breaks out, Noah is sent into conflict. 

He writes numerous letters to his love, but they go unanswered because Allie’s parents are hiding the letters as well as her responses to Noah. After several years apart, Allie becomes engaged to successful businessperson. 

But after reading a newspaper article concerning Noah’s restoration of a ground-breaking home he once guaranteed her, she makes a decision to go visit him. Allie’s visit with Noah turns both their worlds upside down when they learn the truth about the letters. Now, Allie must choose between the fiancée she actually loves and the person who is her real true love… Actor Ryan Gosling is entertaining and likeable in his portrayal of the young and energetic Noah Calhoun. The Notebook as a film is better served by featuring his superb talents. 

Likewise, up-and-coming actress Rachel McAdams is brilliant in her role as Allie. The emotions of her young love are obviously conveyed by a natural and instinctive taste for delivering her lines in just the right way. Call it onscreen personality or whatever, but McAdams is one to watch out for in the future. In short, The Notebook is as good a film as it is as a book. Few books translate onto the big-screen as well as they read in print, so The Notebook is to be heralded for its capability to do so. Charming and simple to like, the film glorifies the romance of a young couple who find true love – a love that lasts forever. Well-produced and featuring some dazzling shots of natural locations, The Notebook ranks as a definite must-see film. Do yourself a favor and go see it today…

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