Mad Mickey Should have Won the Oscar – Why Didn’t He?

Mickey Rourke at the Independent Spirit Awards

The Academy Awards have come and gone once again. Most of the awards went according to plan. Slumdog Millionaire swept the board and Kate Winslet finally got the Academy’s recognition she deserves. The nights biggest shock, which frankly disappointed me, was that the crazy and unpredictable Mickey Rourke didn’t add to his Golden Globes, BAFTA and Spirit triumphs as expected. For me though I was really looking forward to seeing Mickey Rourke crazy things up again with yet another slightly insane acceptance speech.

The award eventually went to Sean Penn for his brilliant portrayal of gay rights activist Harvey Milk. Now I’m not saying Penn didn’t deserve it. Far from it – his role was as iconic as it was important. But am I the only one that just loves the crazyness that Mickey brings to the often staged and insincere PR stunt that is the Oscars?

While the female stars on the red carpet can turn up in all kinds of jaw dropping outfits, with men it’s usually the same old black tuxedo for everyone.However Rourke showed up not in a neat black tux but a slightly wild looking white suit with his bare chest on display. Of course he also wore his trademark designer sunglasses which have become part of his image in the awards season. The silliest part was the amount of times he mentioned his dead pooch Loki, who passed away recently and whose image Rourke displayed on his necklace in tribute!

The signs were pointing to Mickey making us chuckle yet again with a downright baffling onstage speech if he had won.  Who knows what he would have come out with on the stage, chihuahua memorial necklace, glasses and all? His performance at the Golden Globes will live long in the memory. And, the day before the Oscars, he was outrageous once again in accepting his Best Actor award at the Spirit awards.

I wouldn’t be surprised if there was some political manouvering going on behind the scenes that prevented Rourke from winning. Mickey himself had predicted he woudldn’t win because he’s pissed off too many hollywood hotshots in the past. “I stupidly said acting wasn’t a job for a real man. I threatened producers, raged at directors, forgot my agent’s name. I really burned my bridges. And a lot of people have long memories,” Mickey predicted on the Friday before the ceremony.

I have to give it to Sean Penn though – he definitely gave an interesting acceptance speech. To begin with his thank-you’s were directed at the Academy, whom he referred to as “commie, homo-loving sons of guns”! Penn then pulled out a small scribbled bit of paper, donned his prescription glasses, and after a few thank-yous proceeded with an impassioned plea for equal rights for gays and against the ban on gay marriages. Not quite as entertaining as Mad Mickey would have been – but better than gushing and thanking his mother for bringing him into this wonderful world.

Bring on the next chapter in the Rourke comeback saga!

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