Mamma mia brakes UK DVD records

The famous musical film, Mamma Mia! has broken on of the biggest records of all time in the UK. The film has become has become the UK's biggest selling DVD of all time according to official figures. It is the first disc to sell more than five million copies - placing it in one in four UK households which is just incredible to comprehend! The film was the number one DVD of 2008 with its closest rival ‘The Dark Knight’ making 1.5 million sales in total.

The Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl is the closest rival for all time DVD sales as it has sold a total of million copies in total. It is followed by third and fourth by Lord of the Rings: Fellowship of the Ring and The Two Towers. Other top ten all time sellers include, 'Casino Royale' staring Daniel Craig and Shrek 2 with Mike Myers which was the fastest selling animation during the last decade.

The latest landmark further underlines the immense popularity of Mamma Mia which is now the UK's official favorite film of all time. Yet it is not just the film which has done well, the soundtrack to the film also became the biggest selling compilation of 2008 as they shifted over one million copies in total. The film became the fastest selling DVD when it was released in the middle of November, 2008 and has continued to sell over the festive period like hot pancakes! I myself had bought a copy for my mother and it appears as though everyone in the United Kingdom had the same idea! I have not seen the film myself yet I have heard it is something not just for women but for everyone to enjoy which is good. Personally, I can't imagine Pierce Brosnan dancing around with in a dress with old women instead of being James Bond but that is neither here nor there. This movie is something nice for the whole family to enjoy and I would recommend it to everyone!

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